Friday, August 12, 2022

Amber Heard’s Johnny Depp retrial request REFUSED, trolls say her ‘legal team isn’t very smart’

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Penney Azcarate even shadowed Amber Heard as she declined to reopen her appeal, saying, “This court is bound by the competent jury’s decision.”

Amber Heard had previously ruled that the libel trial was wrong and fair, claiming that juror 15 in her trial with Johnny Depp was not the person summoned to jury duty. She said she was deprived of a fair trial. On Friday, July 8, Elaine Bredehoft, representing Heard, claimed in court that a 52-year-old with the same last name and place of residence was not admitted to the six-week trial, rather than the 72-year-old, who was accepted to join the jury. On Monday, July 11, Depp’s attorney said that Heard should not be allowed to contest the outcome of the defamation trial because she was waiting until the trial’s results were announced.

Looks like Heard is miles away from securing a win. In a court filing Wednesday, July 13, Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Penney Azcarate dismissed every single argument made by Heard and her legal team pushing for a new trial. The judge wrote in the filing, “The juror reviewed, sat for the full jury, deliberated and reached a verdict.” It goes on to say that Heard “does not allege that the inclusion of Juror 15 on the jury put her in.” biased in any way.” Judge Azcarate continued, “The only evidence before this court is that the jury and all jurors carried out their oath, followed the orders and orders of the court. That court is bound by the jury’s competent decision.” The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor’s attorneys argued that Heard, 36, contested the jury list before the trial began.


“Another victory for Johnny Depp,” say the fans

The court filing explained the same thing: “The defendant was provided with the jury list five days before the trial began and knew or should have known that the error existed at some point during the seven-week pendency of this trial. She had every opportunity to object or comment.” Depp’s team had argued the same, that Heard was not adversely affected even if the swap occurred. Following the same lines, the filing alleges that the panel made a whole Questioned for the day, Judge Azcarate ruled: “There is no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing.” Depp’s fans didn’t want to miss their idol’s victory in court when they allied online in a trollfest against Heard Chanley Shá Painter, a legal Correspondent @CourtTV tweeted the filing, saying, “Chief Judge Azcarate just denied all post-trial requests from #AmberHeard @CourtTV #breaking #johnnydepp.”

One user wrote: “Amber Heard denied (emoji) I’m not surprised that Judge A denied ALL of Amber Heard’s post-trial motions. The court clarified that Juror 15 was subpoenaed by name and address and that his date of birth was NOT listed on the subpoena. The juror questionnaire had his CORRECT date of birth.” Another troll wrote, “I’m pleased to see that Judge A has made an effort to fully debunk the matter of juror 15, both factually and legally.

A Twitter user said: “I’ve read these legal documents and have come to the conclusion that AH’s legal team doesn’t have to be very smart. At least one, if not all, should know the law as stated. At this point I have to wonder if you’re not just in it for the money.” One Depp fan wrote, “That’s good news! I’m not sure what AH is going to do with it but I think it’s a another win-win for #JohnnyDepp! Let’s see how an appeal goes. That should be interesting because I still don’t think AH can control the narrative. I’m still waiting to see if Elaine will issue any sanctions!”


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One user pointed out that the jury was just following the facts, saying with an open mind, “I ended up loving the shadow. AKA the jury did NOT use social media as AH and EB have stated.” One social media user wrote, “Is it just me or did this judge become a new groundhog? We keep waiting for her forced return just for that she tells the team at AH they’re stupid. We know what she’s going to say, except it feels so good to hear it.”

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