Thursday, May 5, 2022

Amber Heard RUNS her PR team days before testifying about ‘bad headlines’

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Heard last week that crisis PR firm Precision Strategies has been abandoned because it was unhappy with the coverage of the process

Amber Heard, angered by the coverage of the much-discussed trial, has reportedly fired her PR team and switched to a new one days before she is due to testify in court. Heard last week that crisis PR firm Precision Strategies has been abandoned because it was unhappy with the coverage of the process.

“She doesn’t like bad headlines,” the New York Post quoted a source as saying. According to another source, the 36-year-old ‘Aquaman’ actress is “frustrated that her story isn’t being told effectively.” This sudden PR switch comes after several days of Johnny Depp’s testimony, which turned hundreds of social media users against Heard. Heard’s new PR team, led by CEO David Shane, has previously worked against Depp to highlight allegations made by Depp’s former execs who claimed the star had a psychiatrist over his “compulsive spending” of $2 million a month need to adjust.


Johnny Depp says he asked Amber Heard for medication during opioid detox but she refused

However, Lis Smith, former campaign expert for Pete Buttigieg, said of Heard’s decision that “it’s crazy to switch teams in the middle of a process like this because you don’t like the headlines.” She described the former PR firm Precision Strategies as “one of the best crisis companies,” adding that “they can’t rewrite the story of what happened.” The former public relations firm was co-founded by former Obama adviser and deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter.

In recent developments in the case, Johnny Depp’s bodyguard, Malcolm Connolly, said he noticed injuries and blemishes on the actor’s face as his marriage to Amber Heard grew strained. On Thursday, April 28, Connolly commented at the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, telling the court that he had seen Depp go from happily in love to “calm” as Heard became “more dominant” and “demanding” became.

Another update on the case revealed that Amber Heard was reportedly demanding a payout from Johnny Depp in exchange for not going public with her life of scandal. Heard said she would not immediately file a protective order if her estranged husband allowed her access to his SUV and three penthouses in downtown Los Angeles at his expense, a 2016 letter revealed at the trial.

The May 24, 2016 letter from Heard’s attorney Samantha Spector sought an agreement to “do everything possible to keep this personal matter out of the media spotlight.” The actress requested “exclusive use and ownership of the black Range Rover, the vehicle she currently drives, with Johnny to continue making all payments.” She also sought “exclusive use and possession of 849 S. Broadway, Penthouse #1, 3 & 5, with Johnny continuing to pay mortgage, utilities, etc.,” and also asked for $100,000 in legal fees and $25,000 “for forensic account costs”. ”

Depp has ended his testimony in his $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard. During the trial, the actor claimed he was telling the “truth” for the sake of his family and children. He also claimed that Heard’s allegations against him ruined his relationships in Hollywood. The process should take at least six weeks. While jurors have heard several conflicting reports about the former couple’s relationship, Heard’s team has portrayed Depp as an abusive partner who regularly used alcohol and drugs. Depp’s team, on the other hand, has called Heard’s allegations of violence a “hoax” and claimed it was a deliberate attempt to tarnish Depp’s reputation.

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