Saturday, May 7, 2022

Amber Heard confronted Johnny Depp about letting an older musician Lily-Rose had a crush on stay the night

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“They weren’t my kids, it’s not my place and I understand, I know it’s a sensitive subject, so I understand why Johnny was so mad at me,” Heard said

Amber Heard testified Thursday, May 5, that she felt “protective” of Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose and confronted him about his questionable parenthood, which involved an unidentified older musician the youngster had a crush on , leaving her in her house and exposing her to marijuana at a young age.

Heard, 36, said she feels protected by Lily-Rose, who is now an actress, and fell out with Depp over letting an unknown music star stay with his teenage daughter. Heard insisted the star was over 18 and Lily-Rose was a minor when the incident happened. Heard testified in court: “This argument took place because I didn’t agree with this gentleman – a famous musician over 18 – spending the night in the house and I felt protected and concerned about Lily-Rose and of course they were It’s not my kids, it’s not my place and I understand, I know it’s a sensitive issue so I understand why Johnny was so mad at me.”


She added that she often felt protected by Lily-Rose. According to the ‘Aquaman 2’ actress, Johnny Lily-Rose, now 22, was first introduced to marijuana when she was 14. She said: “I started to feel very protective. Johnny’s sobriety meant he was there and then wasn’t,” she said. t.”

She further added, “She was so young I just felt protected.”

Heard broke down at the stand on Thursday, May 5, when she revealed how Depp sexually assaulted her with a liquor bottle. According to the actress, the alleged attack happened in Australia in March 2015 while filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5 at her rented home. This is the same incident that led to the amputation of Depp’s finger. He said Heard smashed it with a liquor bottle. Heard testified that she was not present when Depp’s fingertip was severed.

After losing a libel case against a British newspaper that branded him a “woman molester”, Depp faces an uphill battle to restore his reputation. A court in London has ruled The Sun’s 2018 article was “substantially correct” and that the father-of-two attacked Heard a dozen times and put her in danger three times. The once flames finally meet in Fairfax County, Virginia after long delays caused by the Covid epidemic.

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