Sunday, October 17, 2021

Amanda Garcia & Fessy Shafaat split after video surfaced: “He’s a goddamn garbage bag”

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The growing romance between Amanda Garcia and Fessy Shafaat didn’t last long when Amanda blew up her co-star “Challenge” a month after posting pictures and videos on Instagram. However, on October 10th, some pictures and videos were shared online showing Fessy with another woman after a Challenge Mania podcast event in Tampa, Florida.

Amanda tweeted, “For everyone who tagged me in the videos and pictures… .I saw it. He’s a goddamn trash bag and I’m done with it. Sacrifice a real one with a temporary H ** at the bar. Smf. I can not. I’m canceling my trip to Florida next week and he’s definitely not coming back to CO until I see her again. “She added,”He will regret it. “

She also shared a few pictures of Fessy approaching the other woman and wrote, “Lmfao while I texted and called me in between. Clownnnnnn. “

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One fan commented that they were glad Fessy never had a chance to meet Avonni, Amanda’s young son, and she wrote, “Sameeeeee!” You later tweeted to their followers “I’m not sorry, I don’t need pity from you guys. I gave a chance to someone who didn’t deserve it. It is not my loss, it is his. “

Someone asked where Corey Lay was while this was happening because Corey, Michaela Bradshaw, Jisela Delgado and Tony Raines were also at the Tampa event hosted by Scott Yager on the Challenge Mania podcast. She replied that Fessy “With him, call me when he is [called] say ‘he’s soooo good’ so good at what? Be a fucking clown? Tffff. “

Corey replied to a fan who asked where he was and wrote, “Chile, when I spoke to Amanda on the phone, we weren’t even in a bar. We drove to the first spot.” Amanda called him quickly and said, “That’s a lie you told me when you opened the bar Left at the end of the night and waited for pizza, but okkkkkk. “

Corey replied, “To be honest, I passed out and don’t remember that call. Obviously I didn’t see what happened in the video live, so I told you the truth as I knew it. “He also said,”I was having at least 10 tequila shots deep @JiselaDelgado. I don’t sit there and watch what other people are doing when I’m drinking. ”Jisela also interfered:“ Them Drinks was a hit! ” Corey concluded, “Ultimately, singles can do what they want.”

The two revealed to the world that after a trip to Mexico together, something was going on between them on September 10th when Fessy posted some pictures of the two looking cozy and wrote, “It’s about you, but I really can not explain. Amanda posted similar photos, which she has since deleted, and titled “I found something special in Mexico.”

While the two didn’t use labels or define their relationship, Fessy shared a video on Twitter singing to Amanda, “I don’t want to be a gamer anymore.” Amanda told him to say it on camera, adding: “I’m not a player, I just fall in love.” Amanda interjected, “Not anymore!” And Fessy agreed, indicating that the two would be exclusive.

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