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Amanda Blake’s frustration boiled over after Gunsmoke was canceled

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gun smoke Actress Amanda Blake gave her all to the character Miss Kitty Russell. As a result, adult Western audiences across the country bonded with her and developed a fondness that lasted for many years. However, all good things must come to an end, which was true for them gun smoke, even. Blake was furious upon hearing that CBS had canceled the show, prompting intense thoughts.

gun smoke was the most popular show on television for years, which was reflected in impressive ratings. It became CBS’s most valuable program, making actors James Arness, Blake, Milburn Stone, and Dennis Weaver significant exponents of the show. gun smoke New faces have been added over the years including Burt Reynolds, Ken Curtis, Buck Taylor and Roger Ewing.

Blake stayed tuned gun smoke 19 seasons before finally deciding to quit. She initially said it was because of the long drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California. However, later reports suggested that she actually quit the show because of her bad relationship with producer John Mantley. She left before they had a chance to fire her.

gun smoke lasted only one more season without her, totaling 20 seasons between 1955 and 1975.

According to the book by David R. Greenland The Gunsmoke Chronicles: A New Story of TV’s Greatest Western, Blake still had a passion for the long-running show. Playing Kitty for a long time, she built an amazingly stable and exciting performance that brought beautiful friendships and wonderful fans. As a result, Blake was upset to find out that CBS had suddenly canceled gun smoke without warning.

Greenland wrote that she happened to be in New York when the news broke that the series was ending. She drove past CBS headquarters, and in a moment of sheer frustration, Kitty’s nervousness burst out of her.

“I think I’ll go in there and hit it [CBS President] Bill Paley with a brickbat over the head,” Blake said. She was known for her rare outburst on set, but there was always a passion for the show and the pursuit of professionalism in her job.

Ultimately, she agreed with co-star Weaver that the gun smoke Family was the reason the show lasted so long. “These people were very personable, very human, very believable,” he said.

Fran Ryan’s Miss Hannah replaced Blake in the final season of gun smoke. However, it wouldn’t be the last time she hugged the character on the TV screen. Blake made a big return in the first of five made-for-TV movies opposite Arness. The first was called Gunsmoke: Return to Dodgebut she had to bear the fact that Stone died years before the 1987 film.

After Blake’s time as Miss Kitty was really over gun smokeShe had trouble getting roles. She played a few supporting roles in other television series, such as The edge of the night and The pursuit. However, Blake never had any role other than Miss Kitty.

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