Saturday, October 1, 2022

Alleged video of BTS V-Jennie dancing at Blackpink listening party, licking, fans ask ‘how gullible are you?’

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Fans began analyzing the recently “leaked” photos and videos allegedly showing BTS V and Blackpink Jennie allegedly dating

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink Jennie and BTS V (Kim Taehyung)’s dating rumor isn’t going to end anytime soon and it seems more and more evidence is being released online to prove the two idols are seeing each other. With both labels YG Entertainment and HYBE (Big Hit Music) delaying the release of a statement about the controversy, ARMYs and Blinks are becoming increasingly restless in the face of the controversy.

After photos of the two idols together were posted online, fans were quick to point out how they were synthesized, far from claiming that users @gurumiharibo and @theh0ttea on Twitter, and @rattailbot on Instagram, all shared old photos of Jennie used and V and edited them to look like the two idols were together. However, things got messy when JTBC, the entertainment network, reported that BTS V was spotted at Blackpink’s private listening party for their latest comeback album, Born Pink, on September 14th.


Alleged video of V-Jennie dancing together ‘leaks’ online

Now an alleged video of the extremely private party with Blackpink and her celebrity friends has surfaced on the internet. Fans claim that V and Jennie were seen in the video dancing together in each other’s arms as V appeared to plant a kiss on Jennie. However, the video is met with criticism rather than shock.

While it’s still uncertain if the two idols are actually seeing each other, fans claim the video is fake and actually shows Indian teenagers at a completely different party. Meanwhile, some ARMYs and Blinks are worried why the two labels are keeping quiet about the controversy, which is becoming more disproportionate by the day, while other fans have already started shipping V-Jennie as “Taennie” and others are begging the trolls to leave her alone.

Fans are now slamming the user for posting and fabricating a video to stir up controversy in an already controversial scandal. One fan said, “Tbh if we check the outfit on social media we can clearly see she was wearing another outfit, that’s not her and Taehyung.” Another fan said, “Girl after you go through your twtr -Access, it looks like you’re using it for clout. You posted this video more than twice. And it looks like you’re trying to convince everyone by saying, “Tae & Jennie is at the Born Pink Listening Party,” even if it’s not fucking true.”

Another fan said, “I’m 70 or 80% convinced that Jenny and V are a thing, but I don’t think they’re who they are in the video.” One fan said, “I don’t give a shit, it unless our boys officially announce it. Don’t be too eager to invade someone’s privacy.” Another fan said, “You tried but they’re not tae and j.” One fan asked, “The people who think that’s true… How gullible are you?” Another fan joked, “When the ‘evidence’ was recorded on a rock.” Another fan said, “From those leaked pics where Taehyung is almost twice his size how are you going to go to this one, where they’re both shoulder to shoulder so let’s use our brains Jennie isn’t that tall.”

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