Tuesday, November 29, 2022

All New Holiday Movies will stream November 17-20 on Netflix, HBO Max and more

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​“You’re going to shoot your eye out!” The long-awaited sequel to A Christmas story is coming to HBO Max this weekend. New holiday moves will also stream on BET+ and Apple TV+ from November 17-20.

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Little Ralphie grew up with a family of his own a christmas story christmas, the sequel to the 1983 film a Christmas Story. Peter Billingsley returns as the now-adult Ralphie, who hopes to give his two children a memorable Christmas just like his old man did for him. It’s coming to HBO Max on November 17.

Also streaming on November 17th on HBO Max Holy Camp. This documentary takes viewers behind the scenes at a real Santa Camp, where aspiring Kris Kringles learn the tricks of the trade. This year, camp organizers are trying to correct the lack of diversity in the Santa industry by welcoming a black Santa, a transgender Santa and a Santa with a disability.

in the christmas party crashers, Two scammers meet after blowing up the same millionaire’s Christmas party. They agree to work together to complete each other’s “missions.” But little do they know that they will find something more than money or fame: true love. Skye Townsend, Jaime Callica and Cocoa Brown star in this film, which will be streaming on BET+ starting November 17th.

At Netflix Christmas with you A burnt-out pop star named Angelina flees to a small town in New York where she plans to fulfill a young fan’s wish. There, she discovers both the inspiration she needs to revive her career and a chance at true love. Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. star in this film, which will start streaming November 17th.

In the mood for a sweet treat? Netflix has too The Great British Baking Show: Bank Holidays Streaming from 18 Nov

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell team up for a modern twist A Christmas song in Spirited. Ferrell plays the ghost of Christmas Present and Reynolds plays Clint Briggs, the Scrooge he hopes to reform this year. But Clint turns the tables and forces the ghost to examine its own past, present and future. It will start streaming on Apple TV+ on November 18th.

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Hulu is also adding several vacation movies to its streaming library this weekend, including the 2014 Lifetime movie An En Vogue Christmas, which will start streaming November 17th. Other additions include Country Christmas Album (Nov 17)The spruces and the pines (18 Nov), and Happy kissmas (November 18).

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