Thursday, January 19, 2023

Aliza Jane: OnlyFans model who teamed up with ‘seven NBA players in one night’ greets a little girl

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: An Instagram model who rose to prominence after claiming she hooked up with seven NBA players in one night has welcomed a baby girl into the world. Aliza Jane, who made the claim in 2020, also later suggested that she was responsible for the players’ “improved” form after the story surfaced.

Aliza Jane made headlines after reportedly performing fellatio on seven Phoenix Suns stars and promising footage from the night on her OnlyFans account. “On my birthday, my birthday is Memorial Day weekend and I saw them all at Drai’s like this one team,” the model said during an appearance on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast in 2020, “and I got f**ked *** in a hotel room and they all woke up and I sucked their cocks.”


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Aliza added, “I still can’t believe you’re all MINE. I promise to take care of you, protect you and love you unconditionally. Just like I already do, without you ever having to do anything to deserve ‘it. You are my earth angel and my greatest blessing, thank you for forever changing my life for the better.”

Aliza, who calls herself The Greek Freak on social media, also raised eyebrows when she claimed she shared a New Year’s Eve kiss with none other than rapper Kanye West. During an appearance on Sofia Franklyn’s podcast on June 14 last year, the model addressed some questions about her personal life, including cosmetic surgery and her overnight fame. She also claimed that she kissed Ye around the turn of the year 2022.

“I’ll drop the name again. Kanye West was your New Years kiss?” Sofia asked Aliza. “Yes,” the model replied shortly and firmly. “I met him [Kanye West] on New Year’s Eve,” she continued. “He was my New Year’s kiss.” The podcast show’s host asked again, “Kanye West was your New Year’s kiss?” Aliza replied, “Nothing else happened,” adding, “I didn’t even kiss him after that.”

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