Sunday, June 26, 2022

Alison Bechdel changes test to give Fire Island a passing score

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Alison Bechdel has issued a passing score on fire islandafter criticism claimed the film failed the Bechdel test.

Hulu’s new LGBTQ+ spin on Jane Austen’s pride and prejudice is about a group of queer friends who get together for a week of love and fun in the hamlet of Fire Island Pines, New York. However, their friendship is jeopardized by a sudden change in events.

The Bechdel test – originating in Alison Bechdel’s 1985 comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For – is used to measure the representation of women in a novel.

It consists of three criteria: it must contain at least two women, they must interact with each other, and their conversation must be about something other than a man.

In a now-deleted tweet shared on Monday (June 6), reporter Hanna Rosin sparked a Twitter uproar when she cried out the film for receiving what she called “F- at the Bechdel- test”.

“Are we just ignoring the drab lesbian stereotypes of cute gay Asian boys? Is this revenge for all the years of the gay boy’s best friend?” Rosin asked.

Many fans argued against Rosin’s tweet, particularly her mention of Asian men.

Now, Bechdel has ended the debate and offered her final words in a follow-up tweet on Tuesday (June 7).

“Okay, I just added an implication to the Bechdel test: Two men talking to each other about the female protagonist of an Alice Munro story in a screenplay based on a Jane Austen novel = passed,” she wrote.

Those of the Fire Island The Twitter account retweeted Bechdel’s approval, adding, “WE PASSED!!!”

Read that of the independent full film review here.

fire island is available to stream on Hulu in the US and on the Disney+ Star channel in the UK.

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