Monday, November 29, 2021

Alex Pompa: Man acquitted of murder for killing his father while protecting his mother

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Pompa had stabbed his father dozens of times to protect his mother from a violent attack and then called emergency services.

A 20-year-old man, the son of a woman who was violently abused by her husband, was acquitted in court for the murder of his own father. Alex Pompa was acquitted of all charges on November 24th before the Turin jury in the Piedmont region of Italy. He was accused of murdering his father Giuseppe, who died on April 30, 2020 in a city near Cologne. Pompa is said to have stabbed Giuseppe “dozen times” before calling the ambulance and surrendering. His father was pronounced dead at the scene.

Similar incidents have been reported from around the world, including the time a French mother Valerie Bacot shot and killed Daniel Polette, a man who raped her when she was only 12 years old and had four children with her. This happened in the small village of Baudemont in Lyon. Polette was Bacot’s stepfather, who then appointed her as his wife and had children with her. He would expose his family to alcoholic anger and Bacot accused him of prostituting other men in the back of the family car. He would spy on them and give advice over the phone on what to do with “customers”. Bacot shot Polette in the neck in 2015 after he was raped by a man Polette pimped her for, according to the Guardian.


“Without him I wouldn’t be here today”: Pompa’s mother

The investigating judge Stefano Vitelli said in court last year that Pompa had acted with “unprecedented” and “disproportionate violence against his father”, probably more out of anger / revenge than “for indispensable self-defense”. He said the evidence gathered does not allow it to be said with certainty that Pompa acted in a “situation of defensive necessity appropriate to the offense”. However, the case is closed with the courts saying that the young man’s actions “[did] do not constitute a crime. ”His mother had also spoken out in his favor in the courtroom when the trial was still ongoing. “Without him I wouldn’t be here today,” she said.

Together with the mother, Pompa’s brother testified in his favor and proved to be the key to his acquittal. His brother said, “My father was a sick man, obsessed with jealousy and control over my mother.” The court recorded 300 threats made by Giuseppe against his wife and children. The killed 52-year-old is said to have been so violent that Alex and his brother Loris do not go out of the house at night because they fear that their mother will be in danger if she is left alone with their father. The courts heard that the Covid-19 pandemic made the violence much worse. On the night of the crime, Giuseppe had come home from work angry and drunk.

He took out his anger on his wife, causing Pompa to take a knife and stab his father several times. He immediately called ambulance to make a confession, and the court accepted his attorney’s request for house arrest to be taken into custody. Pompa was interviewed by La Repubblica after being cleared of charges. He said, “Now all I want to do is get home and my life back. Watch the Inter game, have dinner with my family. Take a trip, a normal life.”

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