Saturday, June 25, 2022

‘AGT’ season 17: Fans vote for Kristen’s rendition of ‘I See Red’ over the original song, calling it ‘phenomenal’

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“Kristen Cruz I need you to drop the album really quick and go on tour I need more wow!!! #AGT,” one fan wrote

The new episode of America’s Got Talent Season 17, which aired Tuesday, June 21, wasted no time in introducing fans to Kristen Cruz, a powerful singer who took the stage. Fans on social media went absolutely nuts after seeing her perform one of the most iconic songs of the 2020s.

America’s Got Talent continues to bring incredible singers to the stage. Kristen Cruz is one of the competitors auditioning for the show America’s Got Talent, which airs June 21st. Kristen is only 19 years old but she has a beautiful voice that she is dying to showcase. The difference between her performance and the person she got involved with is quite amusing.


Kristen presented herself on stage as someone who found online fame mixing drinks and singing, sometimes at the same time. It was a silly little quarantine gimmick, but her audition proved she was a star. She has a powerful voice and she absolutely crushed her performance! She clearly looked like she needed to build confidence, but there’s definitely something to it. Although she had a fan base before taking the stage, this is the kind of competitor ‘AGT’ should be looking for: someone humble, personable and able to stretch herself. She looked real from start to finish!

Not only the judges, but everyone in the audience was surprised when she started singing “I Feel Red” from Everybody Loves an Outlaw. Simon calls her performance “incredible”. As she opened her mouth to sing, Howie felt like she was setting the stage on fire. Heidi is so taken with her voice that she admits she wants it, and so is Sofia! Adding that she adored everything about her, Heidi describes her as a “star in the making” with a great gift. Sofia congratulates Kristen on her impressive performance, calling her singing “confident” and “sexy”. Simon was amazed at her performance because many singers arrive confident but fail to deliver. Kristen and her “tested” voice receive four yes votes and enter the contest.

Shortly after the performance, fans took to social media to praise Kristen for her performance. Some even went on to compare their rendition to the original. One fan wrote: “I enjoy Kristen Cruz’s rendition of this song more than the original. I would love her to release a single asap for me to download!”

Hoping for an album from the performer soon, another fan tweeted: “Kristen Cruz needs to ditch the album really quick and go on tour I need more wow!!! #AGT”.

One fan had her jaw dropping after her performance and called Kristen a phenomenal singer. They wrote: “Kristen Cruz had my jaw on the floor. What a phenomenal singer.”

When Kristen mentioned she had postponed a job at Home Depot, one fan wrote in support, “Kristen a 9-5 ain’t for you, singing is. #AGT“.

Season 17 of America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. After the show premieres, you can watch brand new episodes every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm ET/PT. Viewers who want to watch the show wirelessly can do so through one of the following streaming services: Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV.

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