Saturday, August 6, 2022

AGT Season 17: Fans compare Mind2Mind to The Clairvoyants as the mentalist duo pull off an amazing trick

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Fans Think Mind2Mind Is “Not Quite Psychic, But It’s Really Close”

Mind2Mind, aka James and Marina, appeared on America’s Got Talent with their psychic/mentalistic performance. Despite impressing the judges and live audience, fans and viewers at home have a lot of questions about their performance and many are wondering how did they pull it off!?

Mind2Mind, starring James Harrington and Marina Liani, is an award-winning world-class mentalist and Dubai Magician couple. The team mesmerizes audiences with a wide range of mind reading and magical illusions designed to engage any audience. They specialize in close-up photography and stage mind reading, which involves a variety of mental dexterity feats. This includes an unusual brand of mentalism known as “Second Sight” in which Marina is able to see through the eyes of others without the need for sight, technology, or amusing language codes.


They won the Golden Buzzer for Ukraine’s Got Talent and appeared in Britain’s Got Talent. Marina is outside with Terry and her first trick is to predict Sofia’s phone battery %. She manages to pull it off! The audience is then asked to write down “powerful memories” on a piece of paper. Heidi takes a reminder out of her pocket. She reads it and then focuses on it. Marina tells of a father holding a small child as they experience their first encounter with the water. And she does it right.

“That’s amazing,” exclaims Simon. Sofia describes it as mysterious and spectacular. Heidi describes it as “wild”. Howie loved the increased complexity and the team received four Yes!
Despite the fact that the pair managed to leave everyone in the room with sagging jaws, online followers were eager to come up with their own hypotheses.

The first of the theories comes from a fan who says, “The skeptic in me says that the trash with the bag got switched before she pulled the envelope and again after the others were thrown on the table. Or Heidi held the right envelope in her hand and swapped it with the random one. #AGT.”

While another theory was, “Some kind of specialty paper that’s hit with a scanner in your pocket? #agt.”

Another fan, completely blown away by the performance, tweeted, “Normally I would call these mentalistic acts absolute gits but uhhh… #AGT #AmericasGotTalent.”

One fan wrote that the performance was average but the duo can make a show out of it: “Not very unique compared to previous years but it’s something they could make of #AGT.”

Many online fans compare the duo to Austrian magician and mentalist duo The Clairvoyants, with most saying Mind2Mind doesn’t live up to their standard: “They’re so unlike Thommy and Amélie, The Clairvoyants. #AGT.”

Another fan called the act a bluff and wrote: “Bags switched. They had set aside a bag with the same memory and they switched them when the camera was off. #AGT.”

However, there are fans who are absolutely stunned by the performance, writing, “The mentalists always make me snap my jaw off the friggin’ floor. #AGT.”

Another fan wrote, “I don’t know how those opening acts did what they did but they were WOW #AGT #AmericasGotTalent.”

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