Wednesday, June 29, 2022

After San Francisco dropped Chesa Boudin, will these SUPER-WOKE-DAs be dumped on the curb next?

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Boudin was part of a wave of progressive prosecutors elected in recent years, many funded by billionaire left-wing financier George Soros

Liberal San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to oust their super-woke district attorney Chesa Boudin midway through his first term, and now many are wondering what other woke prosecutors are in the firing line.

Richie Greenberg, a spokesman for Boudin’s recall efforts, said that the landslide loss “should send out a clear message across the country — that it’s a dereliction of duty to serve as a district attorney without holding criminals accountable.” It’s worth noting that Boudin is involved involved a wave of progressive prosecutors elected in recent years, many of whom were funded by billionaire leftist financier George Soros, who has spent at least $40 million on various local elections across the country, according to the nonprofit Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.


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Alvin Bragg, Manhattan

Boudin’s impeachment, approved by 60-40 percent, is a wake-up call for many other “ultra-liberal” prosecutors. Here’s a list of crime-plagued prosecutors (all Democrats in particular) who might face voter wrath if San Francisco is indeed the trendsetter in voting in crime-plagued counties.

According to the New York Post, Manhattan Attorney Alvin Bragg was immediately outraged by police, local businesses and others when he revealed his “Day One” policies, which included jailing only the most violent criminals and directing prosecutors to try some charges offense to demote for felony. The main crime rate in his district has increased by 43.2% over the previous year. Although Bragg rescinded two of his most controversial directives, he said on Tuesday June 7 that he had ignored Boudin’s recall election.

George Gascon, a former LA cop and police chief in Mesa, Ariz., ordered prosecutors to abandon the death penalty, stop adult prosecutions of juveniles, and stop asking for higher sentences for repeat offenders as part of his “visionary approach to criminal justice reform.” An initial recall attempt was shelved in September due to pandemic restrictions, but a second attempt was launched by the LA County Registrar of Voters’ Office in January, with a July 6 deadline to potentially put the plan up for a vote. Notably, Gascon Assistant Attorney Jonathan Hatami announced the formation of a pro-recall PAC when he accused his boss of “basically saying wrongdoers will not be held accountable for their actions.” Overall crime in his district is up 11.9% year-to-date.

Cook County Prosecutor Kim Fox sparked controversy when she dismissed hate crime charges against actor Jussie Smollett in 2019, sparking an investigation that found she had lied to the public about her communications with the actor’s sister . Then, a 2020 Chicago Tribune investigation found that her number one tool in reducing crime in her county was dropping nearly 30% of all crime cases, including suspected homicides. In March, she began seeking the early release of inmates who had served at least 10 years of their sentence for crimes other than murder or sex crimes. She called it an attempt “not just to acknowledge the wrongs of the past, but to try to right them.” The main crime rate in her district has increased by 34% over the previous year.

Philly DA Larry Krasner vowed to “swap prisons — and death row — for schools” and “swap divisions between the police force and the communities they serve for unity and reconciliation.” In his first term alone, a staggering 261 prosecutors resigned — including 70 he hired — while the city recorded a whopping 562 homicides last year. Philadelphia’s overall crime rate is up 22.2% from a year ago, when Krasner’s office reportedly opened just 22,939 cases, down 41% from 2017, the year he was elected state attorney.

Kim Foxx, Chicago

While crime in Milwaukee County has declined this year, last year saw an overall increase of 26.4%. Woke DA John Chisolm drew the ire of many last year after it was revealed that Darrell Brooks – who allegedly killed five people by driving his SUV into the Waukesha Christmas Parade on Nov. 21 – walked out just 10 days earlier was released from custody because one of Chisolm’s prosecutors recommended $1,000 bail when Brooks was charged with hitting a woman he has a child with in the same vehicle.

Suffolk County Attorney Kevin Hayden announced last month that his office would spend $400,000 in foreclosure funds on diversionary programs for drug addicts and mentally ill defendants. Hayden, who is running against progressive Boston City Councilman Ricardo Arroyo in the Sept. 6 Democratic primary, is promoting his signature program of “restorative justice” on his campaign website. The controversial program is reportedly sparing some criminals jail time if they agree to write apology letters, make amends, do public service and engage in “reflection exercises,” according to The Post.

Kim Gardner’s popularity took its toll after she prosecuted former Republican Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who left office in 2018 after she dropped charges related to his campaign fundraising efforts.

Then, in April, Gardner raised eyebrows when she reportedly struck a deal with the Missouri Office of Disciplinary Counsel over allegations that she had given Greitens’ attorneys all the evidence against him, which the agreement labeled “negligent or maybe.” ruthless but not intentional.” The deal reportedly calls for a public rebuke by the Missouri Supreme Court, but grand jurors who indicted an investigator in the Greitens case last month called for a tougher sentence for Gardner’s “reprehensible” behavior.

Multnomah County Attorney Mike Schmidt, who served as a prosecutor for about five months before taking office officially, praised the protests over George Floyd’s death during his inaugural address in January 2021.

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