Tuesday, January 24, 2023

‘Afraid to leave him’: Amie Harwick’s girlfriend reveals how ‘possessive’ her ex treated her before death

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: New details of a horrifying incident that happened three years ago have recently come to light. In 2020, Dr. Amie Harwick, a renowned family and sex therapist. Harwick was barely discovered alive under the bedroom balcony of her Hollywood Hills apartment.

Police were called after Valentine’s Day to a report of a woman screaming. Harwick, 38, Drew Carey’s ex-fiancé, was taken to hospital where she later died of her wounds. “Death by Fame,” a new true crime documentary series on Investigation Discovery (ID), addresses Harwick’s death in its first episode. The series promises to explore the dark side of fame and how it negatively impacted individuals on the rise. It features brand new interviews with detectives, family members and people closely associated with the cases featured. The Harwick episode’s guest star, Maricela “Marcy” Mendoza, told Fox News, “I wasn’t originally planning on speaking out, but there were so many things that Amie was about.”


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Mendoza, a close friend of Harwick’s, continued, “And one of the various causes that she campaigned for was changing the stalking laws. We had talked about her going to the police and they told her there was nothing they could do because he hadn’t done anything yet. We wanted to be alert to what was going on. But that wasn’t enough to stop what happened.”

Mendoza and Harwick originally met in a recording studio in early 2000. However, their friendship solidified when their paths later crossed again at a fashion show. “She was very lively and lively. She just wanted to get to know me. She was always so talkative,” Mendoza recalled.

Mendoza explained, “Sometimes you couldn’t get a word in, but she got a lot out of you. She asked questions other people wouldn’t ask. And I think that’s what really connected us, that spark in her, that fire in her. She wanted to get to know me. I wanted to get to know her. And then a friendship was born.”

Harwick dated Gareth Pursehouse for a short time in the 2010s before finding success. Mendoza claimed that Pursehouse made many of Harwick’s acquaintances, including her, uncomfortable. “When they were together, he was very possessive,” she claimed.

Mendoza further added, “He was the kind of person who would tell you things to drag you down, to make you feel less of yourself. He would joke about you or your looks and then he would say, ‘I’m just kidding.’ But he said it in a very vindictive and vicious way. Amie was afraid to leave him.”

“In her post-Gareth life, a lot of her new friends knew she had the crazy ex-boyfriend, but they really didn’t know the history of it, the restraining orders she had issued,” Mendoza shared. Harwick died on February 15, 2020 after being thrown over her third floor balcony.

Prosecutors said Pursehouse was charged with first-degree murder and home burglary with the particular circumstance of lying in wait. He was initially arrested and released on $2 million bail shortly after Harwick’s death. A no bail warrant was used to arrest him again.

Mendoza added: “When he was arrested I was very relieved. But when he was released, I panicked. I would be up all night sitting at the door…I was worried and scared…I just thought he was going to come after me…The reason I’m even speaking up now is this [a mutual friend] told me it would heal for me.”

Pursehouse pleaded not guilty to killing his ex-girlfriend in April 2020. His defense attorney claimed that none of the evidence supported the murder charge. Records show the 41-year-old was being held in the Los Angeles County Jail. In addition, Mendoza contended that Harwick’s situation shows why injunctions should not be subject to a statute of limitations.

She pointed out that criminals should also be monitored more carefully. “There was so much more that Amie could have done with her life. It’s ironic. She was obsessed with horror movies… It was lonely without her. But I hope more women can be saved through their deaths,” Mendoza said.

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