Saturday, November 27, 2021

AfD politicians showed her to issue arrest warrant against Enissa Amani

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After Enissa Amani talked about a racist speech by AfD politician Andreas Winhart on social networks, he reported her for insulting. Now the entertainer threatens a prison sentence.

“An arrest warrant has been issued against me. I’m supposed to be jailed for 40 days,” wrote Enissa Amani on Monday on her social media channels. It is the culmination of a dispute that has lasted more than two years. In March 2019, the German-Iranian entertainer posted an excerpt from a speech by the Bavarian AfD member of the state parliament, Andreas Winhart, in which he made several racist comments during a public election campaign.

In an angry video comment, Amani commented on the politician, indirectly calling him an “idiot” and a “bastard” who should be “locked up”. For them, his words are clearly “popular agitation”, which must be legally prosecuted. But instead, the 37-year-old had to deal with the judiciary. Because Winhart filed a complaint for insult, as he confirmed to the “world” at the time.

The result: Amani is supposed to pay a fine of 1,800 euros – but she refuses. Not because of a lack of insight, but as a protest, as she makes clear. “It is absolutely correct that a person must not insult another and must be liable for it,” explains the entertainer on Twitter Euros have to be paid to the state. “

But since all the lawsuits brought against the AfD member were dropped, according to Amanis, the dispute for the 37-year-old could now end in prison. “1,800 euros or 40 days imprisonment,” she lists her options and makes it clear again: “I don’t want to pay.” Rather, she wants to set an example, “because I cannot understand that in Germany in 2021 a politician with such an inhuman statement will get away with impunity.”

With her posting, Amani asks her followers for their opinion and appeals: “Please do not think carefully and in a regulated manner, some things need courage, some things need clear precedents.” Many encourage the entertainer in her actions, calling her “courageous” and “pioneering”. Others, however, advise her not to go to prison. “You are absolutely right, but 40 days of your lifetime is not worth it,” is just one of the numerous comments that go in this direction.

Many also advise the 37-year-old to hire a lawyer and appeal against the judgment. Which way Enissa Amani will go remains to be seen.

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