Sunday, September 25, 2022

Adam Levine’s infidelity drama sparks debate over whether or not sending a flirt DM or hiding texts is cheating

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Adam Levine said he was “not having an affair but crossing a line” as he’s expecting his third child

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Adam Levine is the talk of the town right now, not because he’s expecting his third child with wife Behati Prinsloo, but because he’s allegedly cheating on his wife and the scandal is now getting more media coverage than ever. Model Sumner Stroh shared a screenshot of Levine asking her if he could name his third child after her. This has sparked an online debate with people arguing whether sending a flirty direct message is cheating or not.

Several women have come forward to expose the Maroon 5 frontman. In this series of screenshots, a chain started by ‘Girls Like You’ singer Sumner Stroh can be seen complimenting these women and continuing to send flirtatious messages. While apologizing and addressing those allegations, Adam Levine said in an Instagram story, “A lot is being said about me right now and I want to clear the air of demeanor.” The story continued, “I haven’t had an affair, but I’m in crossed the line at an unfortunate time in my life.” Since all this drama is being caused by direct messages, people are now debating whether or not it’s cheating to send direct messages while committing to someone else.


People debate whether sending DMS amid Levine’s scandal is cheating

A debate has erupted online debating whether hiding your text messages is cheating or slipping into someone else’s direct messages. One user believes it’s not cheating, but it all depends on the intent, writing, “No, unless your intention of “sliding” is to flirt, and if you’re hiding it as a partner.” User points out the things not to do when you’re in someone else’s direct messages, saying, “I only talk to my friends in DMS if it’s someone else you’re having a romantic or sexual relationship with.” Have a motive or even flirt platonically. . ure DUN” One user believes it’s a red flag, “It’s not a scam but I would consider it a red flag.”

One user wrote: “No, but depends on who the person was and what they’re talking about. kasi everyone needs privacy, but if he’s “hiding” or “lying” when I ask him, then that’s suspicious.” Another user likes to think that slipping into someone’s DMs is normal, but only with intention and says, “What was the reason? saying, “Yeah, why would I slip into someone’s dms when I can have my time with my S/O?”

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