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Actor breaks silence on ‘terrible’ experience with Candace Cameron Bure

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Candace Cameron Bure is at the center of another media controversy. In a new podcast interview, Danny Pintauro speaks of “Who’s The Boss?” Fame spoke for the first time about his most recent interaction with Bure, which he described as “terrible.” Pintauro, who is gay, said the former Hallmark star made his 2015 interview on The View one of his “deepest moments,” and while LGBTQ+ advocates slammed their questions at the time, Pintauro hasn’t spoken out about it until now.

In the ’80s and early ’90s, Pintauro and Bure were simultaneously child performers on the same network; he played Jonathan Bower on ABC’s Who’s the Boss? while she played DJ Tanner on Full House. Both actors struggled to find meaningful work after their popular sitcoms ended. According to IMDb, Bure landed small roles in a handful of films and shows before marrying hockey player Valeri Bure at the age of 20. Pintauro went to Stanford but battled drug addiction and was traumatized when he was publicly outed by a tabloid in 1997, according to the TODAY Show.

In 2015, Pintauro briefly returned to the spotlight for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. He used his appearance with Winfrey as an educational opportunity, revealing that he had been HIV positive for 12 years and contracted the virus during a sexual encounter while using crystal meth, a drug he used to help him to be less afraid to explore his sexuality further.

“With crystal meth you know no limits, you feel invincible. You feel incredibly elevated when it comes to your sexuality and everything sounds and feels exciting to you,” he told People at the time.

Hoping to shed light on the potentially dangerous consequences of abusing crystal meth during sex, a trend he’s seen among gay men, he agreed to additional interviews, including meeting Bure and another former child actor to ” The View”. Cosby Show graduate Raven-Symoné. The hosts have drawn criticism from the LGBTQ+ community for their questions, including The Advocate, who called them “unworthy from start to finish” in an article entitled “How Not To Interview An HIV-Positive Person”.

Pintauro first spoke about this experience on a new episode of the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, released on January 17, 2023. Since they were both child actors, Yontef asked Pintauro for his thoughts on Bure and their recent controversy. In November 2022, Bure was widely criticized in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, in which she said her new television network, Great American Family, will likely not show gay couples, instead focusing on “traditional marriages.” Pintauro said he was “not surprised” given an experience he had with Bure a few years earlier.

“I was disappointed with how she treated me when I was in ‘The View,'” Pintauro told Yontef, who said he didn’t see the 2015 exchange and asked for more details.

Pintauro said, “You know, she was basically saying, ‘Are you taking responsibility for getting HIV because you’ve been living a promiscuous lifestyle?’ and turned right to my husband and said, ‘Are you having unprotected sex with your husband?’ It was awful. It was one of the deepest moments of the journey I’ve had after coming out to Oprah.”

During the View interview, Bure told Pintauro, “I want to know… do you take responsibility for your actions, for being promiscuous and for having an increased sex lifestyle because of the meth you’ve been using? I want to know what the message is because you are the new guy, you want to be the new face of HIV.”

In fact, it was Raven-Symoné who responded by questioning Pintauro’s husband Wil Tabares, who was in the audience, about unprotected sex. And although media critics and LGBTQ+ advocates were quick to condemn the interview, Pintauro told Yontef that at the time he chose to remain silent.

“I made a conscious choice not to make it a thing,” he said, noting that he was trying to be a positive example of someone succeeding after such a tough journey and diagnosis. “The last thing I wanted was to just talk crap about her.”

Discussing Bure’s controversial statement about the focus on “traditional marriages” in the Great American Family films, Pintauro told Yontef during the podcast interview that he wasn’t surprised but disappointed that Bure wasn’t more thoughtful in her approach to the LGBTQ+ community has been.

“It doesn’t surprise me that she’s taking this stance on the Christmas movies that she’ll be involved in,” he said. “But it’s very disappointing.”

“We were in this business together,” he continued. “She must have tons of people in her life who are LGTBQ+, at least from her past, and how she got to this place just worries me a little. It’s almost like she went backwards in a way.”

Pintauro and Yontef wondered if she had been influenced by her brother, former actor and conservative Christian Kirk Cameron, or by her upbringing.

“I don’t know where all this is coming from, but it’s definitely disappointing. You know, I think she could be an incredible ally if she just pulled away from all of this…well, I think it’s religious…if she could open up again.”

The actress was also embroiled in controversy when So You Think You Can Dance judge and LGBTQ+ activist JoJo Siwa shared on TikTok that Bure was the “rudest” celebrity she’s ever met, according to Us Weekly. They both later shared that they privately agreed on a moment on the set of Fuller House when Bure appeared to ignore then-11-year-old Siwa, but the dancer has since said she’s not interested after her WSJ to speak with Bure remarks.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Pintauro decided to return to acting after years of avoiding the entertainment industry.

According to People, he quit his job as a veterinary tech, moved to Hollywood from Texas with his husband, contacted his former manager, and got the chance to audition for a Lifetime Christmas movie. He was amazed when he landed an instant role in A Country Christmas Harmony, in which he played Brooke Elliott’s best friend. The film premiered on the network in November.

Pintauro is excited to see what comes next, which could include his appearance in Who’s The Boss?. Reboot in progress for the FreeVee network.

In November, his former co-star Alyssa Milano told People: “I’m very proud of Dan. Not only because he has followed his lifelong dream, but above all because he is a good person and despite the difficulties he faces, he remains true to himself.”

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