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According to a friend, Ringo Starr was very “well behaved,” even when he was drunk

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At a bar in London, Ringo Starr struck up a conversation with a future girlfriend, Stephanie La Motta. The couple hit it off and soon they were traveling together. They didn’t last long — they got sucked into a whirlwind of traveling and dancing together, but La Motta said she liked a lot about Starr. She said he was always polite and considerate.

Starr was in a London bar when he met La Motta, daughter of middleweight boxing champion Jake La Motta. He spotted her across the room and asked the bar owner to invite her over.

“I said if he wants to have a drink with me, he can come over and ask me himself,” she said, according to the book Ringo: With a little help by Michael Seth Starr. “And then he came over and kind of apologized and said, ‘Would you like to have a drink with me?’ and I said ‘okay.’ We started talking and had a nice chat. He is a very nice, warm person with good manners.”

When the bar closed, Starr and La Motta found another location and decided to go to Vienna together the next morning. From there they went to Vienna, then to Athens.

“He kept telling me he was ‘in like’ with me,” La Motta said. “You know what I thought was cute? I mean I was just a kid. It was one drunken stain. I kept up with him.”

La Motta shared what she liked most about Starr during their turbulent relationship.

“What I liked the most about him was the first night we were at the Dorchester together, there were two big beds in the room and he said, ‘This is your bed and this is my bed only if you want it ,'” she said. “I said, ‘Yeah, I want it to be like that.'”

She said Starr was always considerate and conscientious, even when he was drinking.

“And then another night when we got to the Bristol Hotel in Vienna, we were laying in bed, laying there, and he rolled onto his side and said to me, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. That’s so rude,'” she said. “I mean, who would ever think of saying that? Even when he was drunk he was very aware of such things.”

Starr and his second wife, Barbara Bach, went to rehab together in 1988. Since then he has devoted himself to a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

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“It’s getting really lonely, you know?” he told Rolling Stone in 2015. “It’s just really cold and lonely. In the end it is a miserable disease. There’s a lot of you and it’s lonely. ‘Cause that’s all you do is get fucked, you know? But I haven’t been that lonely since then.”

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