Wednesday, May 11, 2022

‘Above the rules’: Madison Cawthorn slammed for driving Mercedes dangerously with the help of a stick

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The video was shared on Madison Cawthorn’s Instagram page in 2019, years after he was the victim of a 2014 accident that left him wheelchair-bound

It seems that Madison Cawthorn’s name cannot be taken without mentioning the word controversy. The 26-year-old politician is once again embroiled in heated debates after an old video of him dangerously driving a Mercedes C-Class with the help of a stick has resurfaced.

The video was shared on his Instagram page in August 2019, years after he was killed in an accident in 2014. The unfortunate incident left him confined to a wheelchair while unable to use his legs. But judging by the social media video, his partial paralysis doesn’t seem to be between his apparent passion for reckless driving and “extreme speed” as he tried his hand at the sports car, which has hand-held driving capabilities.


Madison Cawthorn screams BLACKMAIL after video shows him poking the man’s head with the groin.

Madison Cawthorn told her to stop the hypocrisy and hypocrisy after lingerie pictures surfaced

But the resurfaced video has drawn criticism and Lindsey Granados, senior managing attorney at Wiley Nickel’s law firms, said: “Using a stick, just a regular old stick, to operate the accelerator and brake pedals is reckless and shows utter disregard the rights and safety of others. I’ve followed his frequent encounters with law enforcement in North Carolina on the news.”

Granados continued: “In this case it seems obvious that he is racing in Italy based on the title of the video and the vineyard in the background. I don’t know if anyone in the States can hold him legally accountable for this due to lack of jurisdiction,” before adding, “But common sense would tell you that’s not a good idea.”

There were some who also slammed him on Twitter with a comment: “Do you use a stick for the brake pedal when accelerating????” Another wrote: “He’s above the rules don’t you remember.” ‘ remarked the third. But Cawthorn’s rep has reportedly given a very deaf response to all the convictions, saying: “The rumors are true. Congressman Cawthorn can drive a stick.”

It’s not the first time Cawthorn has faced the wrath of the people. Controversy against him began when he allegedly cleaned his gun during a virtual Veterans Affairs Committee hearing in January. He then accused congressmen of throwing orgy parties. Then pictures of him at a party in lingerie went viral.

Cawthorn, however, has branded attacks against him as “blackmail,” saying, “I’ve never seen the Swamp launch such a coordinated attack against a single politician other than Donald Trump.” He also recently tweeted, “I’m the No .1 of the Establishment RINOs. I wonder why!”

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