Friday, January 13, 2023

A psychologist says Prince Harry is telling the truth: those who doubt him should take a fresh look

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Prince Harry has been busy promoting his autobiography. spare part. A psychologist says Harry’s behavior during his interview with Stephen Colbert shows that he is “a fortune teller”. Some royal experts have questioned Harry and Meghan Markle’s veracity, but this psychologist believes the Duke of Sussex isn’t telling lies.

Psychologist Kath Temple says Prince Harry appears to be telling the truth in his recent interview. She notes how “relaxed” and “happy” the Duke looks and how he answers questions about his life.

“Prince Harry was the happiest and most relaxed The Late Show Interview with Stephen Colbert,” Temple Express tells. “This interview is my favorite of all interviews as it’s relaxed yet the questions are wide ranging and Harry reveals things in this interview that he doesn’t have in the others.”

Temple says Harry is consistent with his answers. According to her, it is clear that he is telling the truth. “Harry is absolutely consistent when it comes to sharing information,” adds Temple. “Some people might not like what he’s saying, some might think he’s sharing private moments too much, but the fact is he’s telling the truth. This man is undoubtedly a fortune teller.”

Temple encourages those who weren’t on Harry’s side to give him another chance. “It’s time to take a fresh look at Prince Harry,” Temple said during her Express interview. “He’s a fundamentally decent person, just like his brother. And as a nation, we all adopted them when they were young when their mother died in such a shocking way.”

Piers Morgan isn’t convinced Harry and Meghan Markle are telling the truth. According to him, her Netflix documentary, Harry and Megan, was used to “manipulate viewers into questioning their own memories of reality”. During his segment on Sky News, he said the documentary was full of “lies” and that he challenged Meghan to sue him for calling her a liar.

Morgan went through a list of “lies” scattered throughout the docuseries. One piece of information he says is not true was that Meghan was never trained on how to behave as a member of the royal family. “The Sunday Times discovered that it was actually given a 30-point dossier, carefully researched and packed with information and contacts,” says Morgan.

According to Grant Harrold, a former royal family butler, some of the statements Harry has made about his life are confusing. Harrold says it’s important to understand both sides of the story because something doesn’t “just add up”. Harrold says the part he struggles with is that Prince Harry relies so much on getting “his truth” out to the public.

“The point that is difficult for me is that [Prince Harry] I have ‘his truth,’ as he calls it, and the way I was brought out and the way I’ve learned in life is that I don’t believe in it,” he says on behalf of Spin Genius. “When someone says they have a story, I always like to listen, but there are always two sides to a story, which I think is very important. We won’t hear the other side and I don’t think we will hear the other side.”

Harrold isn’t accusing Harry of lying, but he does believe the Duke of Sussex made incongruous statements. “[Harry] has said things that I believe to be true; He also said things that I know don’t go together,” Harrold continues. “I wouldn’t say it’s a lie, it just doesn’t add up. People catch him and there is confusion. I think that’s why I really agree with everyone who says it’s better to stop and walk away from all of this.”

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