Monday, November 28, 2022

A man who claims he’s the “hot dad” at school gets washed away by mothers who say they’re ashamed of him

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A MAN found himself on the receiving end of a barbecue after declaring himself the “hot dad on the school run”.

TikTok user Rob, whose social media profile is @warfordd, shared a tongue-in-cheek post – but moms didn’t see the funny side.

Rob recorded a video of himself posing for the camera, where he gave the caption to himself.

He later joked in the caption, “Some of you mommies are thirsty.”

But Rob – who has been told he is a cross between football legend, David Beckham and Hollywood’s Chris Hemsworth – was unprepared for the backlash.

Before long, other parents were taking to the comments section to offer their opinions – and totally flushed Rob.

Not only did they say they suffered “second-hand embarrassment” from his post, but others took it a step further.

One person wrote: “As a school mum, I’m sorry to say we’re not looking.

“We have at least five other things going through our minds when we drop off the kids.”

A second agreed as they said: “LOL. The school run is the last place anyone looks.

“After we’ve wrestled the kids out the door, all we want to do is throw them through the gates and go to work.”

A third added: “Some of you mums are thirsty”… yes after a hot tea and some rest!”

While a fourth commented: “Behave! We want dads in work uniforms and dads in bobs.”

Meanwhile, others said Rob didn’t think his post through and it backfired and made it look silly.

Another wrote, “Embarrassing when moms talk about this at school while cringe.” As someone else pointed out, “All the moms making fun of him give me life.”

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