Tuesday, January 17, 2023

‘A Man Called Otto’ Cast and Character Guide: Who is Who in Tom Hanks’ remake of the 2015 Swedish blockbuster

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Tom Hanks is back again with a drama comedy titled A man named Otto. The film features a large supporting cast that helps flesh out the story. Here’s a cast and character guide to Who’s Who in Hank’s remake of the 2015 Swedish blockbuster.

A man named Otto follows a grumpy old man who lives in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A stickler for the rules, Otto likes to keep his community of identical townhouses clean and tidy. As such, he is often annoyed at every misstep, no matter how small, by his neighbors.

Otto is also plagued by grief and struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife. This leads to him attempting to take his own life individually, albeit unsuccessfully. Otto is portrayed as a kind and compassionate man beneath his gruff exterior.

When a young pregnant woman moves away from Otto with her family, the widower’s life changes. At first, Otto hesitates to get to know the vivacious woman and her young family. But her energy draws him in and he begins to embrace the joys of life. Otto rediscovers his love for life as he engages deeply with his neighbors.

Otto finally makes peace with the death of his wife and unborn son and succumbs to the same heart condition as his father.

A man named Otto is the second film adaptation of Swedish author Fredrik Backman’s 2012 bestseller titled A man named Ove. It is also a remake of the acclaimed 2015 Swedish film, A man named Ovewritten and directed by Hannes Holm.

Hanks plays the title character in it A man named Otto. He is mostly known for his roles in such blockbusters Forrest Gump, The soldier James Ryan, lostand elvis. He lent his voice to that too toy story Franchise voice of Sheriff Woody.

Mariana Trevino plays Otto’s new neighbor Marisol. Trevino is a Mexican actor best known for domestic shows like love my loved ones, the house of flowersand Netflix crow club.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo takes on the role of Marisol’s clumsy husband, Tommy. Garcia-Rulfo has enjoyed a meteoric rise in career after taking up acting in 2012 Bless me Ultima as Uncle Pedro. He then appeared in the 2016 remake The glory seven as Vasquez.

In 2017, he landed a role in Kenneth Branagh’s murder on the Orient Express, playing a character specially adapted for him from the novel. Garcia-Rulfo has also appeared in 6 undergroundplayed Three and starred in his own legal drama, The Lincoln Attorneyin 2021, Mickey Haller will play. Hanks and Garcia-Rulfo also played greyhound.

Hank’s youngest son, Truman Hanks, appears in the flashback scenes as a younger version of his character. Truman is new to the acting scene and apart from his role in AMCOhis only other credit was his father’s 2020 film News from all over the world.

Hanks assisted in casting his son in A Man Called Otto. He dubbed it “the family business” amid a backlash against nepotism in the entertainment industry.

Rachel Keller appears as Otto’s late wife, Sonya. Keller had roles in Tokyo Vice, legion, and Fargo. Juanita Jennings plays Anita, one of Otto’s neighbors who was close to him and his wife before their deaths. Jennings was there What women Want, star, meet them Brown, primal instinctand The bold and the beautiful.

Cameron Britton also plays one of Otto’s former close friends and neighbors, Jimmy. Britton is best known for his role as Agent Hazel in The Umbrella Academy‘s first season. He has also appeared in The girl with the dragon tattoo and Closer.

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