Wednesday, November 30, 2022

‘A Friend of the Family’: when can we expect new episodes on Peacock?

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Peacock has added a standout true crime series to its catalog of four A family friend Episodes on October 6th. However, the streaming service hasn’t deleted all episodes at once like its rival Netflix. For viewers wondering what happens to Jan Broberg (Hendrix Yancey) after Robert “B” Berchtold kidnaps her, the documentary, Kidnapped in front of everyone is available to stream on Netflix. However, for the full details and a look inside the family close friend’s deception and seduction, we have the schedule of A family friend follow below.

Peacock will drop a total of nine episodes of A family friend to tell the true story of Robert Berchtold and Jan Broberg. However, the streamer opted to release four episodes on the premiere date and just one each week thereafter.

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peacock fell A family friend Episodes 1 to 4 on October 6th. The remaining five episodes will air every Thursday, one after the other. The schedule of the remaining episodes is as follows:

Jake Lacy portrays “charming local businessman” Robert “B” Berchtold, who infiltrates the family in ways no one could have imagined A family friend. Anna Pakin (flack, The Irishman, True Blood) portrays Jan’s mother, Mary Ann Broberg. Colin Hanks (The offer, Impeachment: American Crime Story) stars alongside Paquin Jan’s father and Mary Ann’s husband Bob Broberg. Berchtold seduces both of Jan’s parents to get closer to the young girl.

Lio Tipton (The edge of sleep, Why women kill) plays Robert Berchtold’s wife Gail. The couple has a large family and little did she know what her husband would eventually do. Hendrix Yancey (George & Tammy, amazing) plays Jan in the early years while McKenna plays Grace (Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Handmaid’s Tale) portrayed Jan in his later years.

A family friend premiered on Peacock on Thursday October 6 with four episodes. The remaining five episodes air weekly on Thursdays through November 10th.

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