Sunday, June 26, 2022

A COLAB MADE IN HELL: Shock as Billy McFarland and Martin Shkreli get out of prison ON THE SAME DAY

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Netizens were shocked when on the same day news broke of the early release from prison of scammers Billy McFarland and Martin Shkreli

On the same day, news broke that notorious New York City scammers Billy McFarland and Martin Shkreli were released early from prison. McFarland was secretly released from prison on March 30 and sent to community custody. He has served less than four years of a six-year sentence in connection with his 2017 retreat to the Caribbean. Shkreli, on the other hand, was released almost two years earlier on Wednesday, May 18. He only served five out of seven years behind bars. The two should be released in 2023. Both Shkreli and McFarland are being held in temporary homes until October and August respectively.

McFarland pleaded guilty to wire fraud in March 2018 after tricking up to 80 investors into pouring money into the fake “luxury” Fyre Festival. The apparent feast turned out to be food, toilets, music, or simple accommodation.


Former pharmaceutical executive and “Pharma Bro” Shkreli was indicted in 2017 and convicted in federal court on two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Shkreli has been accused of defrauding investors in two hedge funds he runs and plotting to defraud investors in drugmaker Retrophin Inc, of which he was chief executive. He also faced a separate antitrust case for increasing the price of the rare antiparasitic drug Daraprim by 5,000 percent. Just hours ago, Shkreli posted a selfie on Facebook with the caption, “Getting out of real jail is easier than getting out of Twitter jail.”

News of the two scammers’ release has sparked mixed reactions from Twitter users. “First Martin Shkreli, now Billy McFarland?? I refuse to believe these charlatans will be rehabilitated,” wrote one user. Another tweeted: “You are telling me that Billy McFarland and Martin Shkreli were both released early from prison on the SAME DAY and we are NOT living in a simulation???” “I want to watch a reality TV show where Martin Fyre Fest’s Shkreli and Billy McFarland can’t get post-prison jobs, so they become mimes. Call it ‘White Collar Mimes,'” commented one user.

One user asked: “WUT DOING USA?!? Why did we just get Martin Shkreli (Pharma Drug Price Bro) AND Billy McFarland (Fyre Fest Scam) out of prison for parole?!? Seriously?” Another said, “Martin Shkreli and Billy McFarland are both out of prison and I’m excited to see what future projects they have in store!” “So they’re quitting the same day as Martin Shkreli and Billy McFarland to be released from prison, reported a monkeypox outbreak. Hmmm…” said one user.

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