Saturday, June 25, 2022

’90 Day Fiance’ Season 9: Mohamed hit out because he expected Yve to be his ‘servant and tour guide’

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“They have prepared literally everything Mohammed needs to make eggs and he is still upset. #90DayFiance,” one fan tweeted

Braving cultural differences in 90 Day Fiance isn’t always easy – couples need to understand that things work differently for their expatriate partners and it certainly takes time to adjust to a new lifestyle. It is a compromise as both people need to understand each other.

Fans have been unsure about Mohamed and Yve’s relationship from the start, and with good reason. For Mohamed, who has revealed his mother did everything for him in Egypt, he seems to expect the same treatment from Yve.

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“Hamza 2.0 – he’s expecting breakfast because Mom makes it for him at home. Especially when he’s in bed. Why do women insist on dating these grown up ass kids… If you don’t pull yourself together, make some fried eggs and coffee. #90DayFiance,” one fan tweeted. “Mohammad should make Eve breakfast in bed as she is the only funder at the moment. It’s not their job to go to work and then come back home and work for you. #90DayFiance,” said another. “All my years of reading Freud for my English degrees more than prepared me to explain that there is a strange Oedipal dynamic going on between Muhammad and Yve #90dayfiance,” one fan tweeted.

“Yve literally prepared everything Mohammed needs to make eggs and he’s still upset. #90DayFiance,” added one fan. “Lol Mohamed expected Yves to become a servant and tour guide. Woman has to work to support new son #90DayFiance,” tweeted another. “This male child will burn down your house. #90DayFiance,” warned another viewer.

Season 9 of ’90 Day Fiancé’ airs every Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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