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7 Biggest Blindsides in Big Brother History

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A satisfying Big Brother season usually involves strategic gameplay, exciting twists and at least one devastating blindside to shake up the game.

Usually, the eviction of a houseguest doesn’t come as much of a shock to the player. They usually have an intuition to head out the door before eviction night comes. But every once in a while, a houseguest will be stunned by the vote count. It’s called the blindside, a move that’s been wowing Big Brother fans for years.

Tonight’s Big Brother 24 episode could mark the second blindside of the season. Since last night, Ameerah had no idea the house wanted her gone. In honor of tonight’s episode, here’s a look back at some of the most brutal blindsiders in Big Brother history.

In Season 3, Marcellas Reynolds made one of the biggest mistakes in Big Brother history.

The former houseguest won veto power while on the block alongside fellow ally Amy Crews. Marcellas shocked viewers when he decided not to use the veto and instead stayed on the block next to Amy.

Marcellas was confident of his position in the house, which turned out to be a huge mistake. The voting ended in a tie. The current head of household, Jason Guy, broke the tie and Marcellas was sent packing.

In season five, the infamous backdoor plan was first introduced and houseguest Jase Wirey became its first victim.

That’s how it went. The current head of the household, Nakomis Dedmon, and Marvin Latimer hatch a master plan to get Jase out of the house. Jase had proven to be a major competitive threat, so they knew it was best to stop Jase from participating in the veto contest.

Nakomis nominated two pawns at the nomination ceremony to keep her target off the block.

In season five, the random veto draw had not yet been introduced, giving Nakomis and her two pawns complete control over who could enter the veto contest.

After the veto was used to remove one of the pawns from the block, Nakomis nominated Jase as the replacement candidate. He was eliminated by a vote of 6 to 1.

Austin Matelson and Vanessa Rousso became fast friends in the Big Brother house. The two promised to protect each other until the end, and when Vanessa voted to evict Austin in the final five, it came as a total shock.

Austin was so confident that he would stay indoors that he was driven out barefoot.

Big Brother 7 winner Mike “Boogie” Malin was left stunned after his protégé Ian Terry orchestrated a master plan to get him out of the house.

After Ian convinced fellow Quack Pack Alliance members Britney and Shane that Boogie was after them, they agreed to a plan to outwit the former winner.

Season 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby was convinced he had Janelle Pierzina wrapped around his finger in Big Brother 7.

Will was confident he could get Janelle to keep him in the game for the last four, but boy was he wrong.

When Janelle got the deciding vote on the final four, she decided to end her flirtation and sent Will away.

The move is often considered one of the best moves in Big Brother history.

“Pawns go home” is a Big Brother mantra at this point. In season 8,
Dustin Erikstrup asked to act as a pawn to get Dick Donato, often referred to as “Evel Dick”, out of the house.

Dustin was confident he had the voices to stay, especially alongside notorious villain Dick Donato. But to Dustin’s surprise, the votes fell in favor of Dick and he was sent home.

Dan Gheesling shocked both Danielle Murphee and Shane Meaney when he cast his vote to oust Shane in the final four.

That’s how it went.

Danielle Murphee won the final HOH contest of the season and nominated Dan and Ian Terry for the eviction.

After Danielle won the veto power, Dan convinced her to use the veto against him by promising to vote Ian out. Danielle believed Dan and vetoed him, forcing her to name her ally Shane as a backup candidate.

Danielle was confident that Dan would go through with the plan and when he opted to knock out Shane in the last four instead of Ian, she was stunned.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother updates.

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