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4 of Ina Garten’s ridiculously easy appetizers to add to any Thanksgiving meal

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Don’t skip Thanksgiving appetizers with these easy appetizers from Ina Garten. From dips to toast, Barefoot Contessa has a selection of bite-sized dishes that require little or no cooking.

This might not be what you’d expect under a table of Thanksgiving dinner appetizers, but that makes it a great addition in part. Tomatoes and burrata are typically a no-cook summertime garden dish. Although it’s just as easy and simple to make on turkey day.

As the name suggests, tomatoes and cheese are the stars. With a few favorite Barefoot Contessa ingredients like good olive oil, fleur de sel and fresh herbs, the appetizer is ready.

That Be my guest The host serves it with homemade garlic toast. Although a store-bought moment probably wouldn’t hurt either. Swap the baguette for fresh veggies or your favorite crackers, and you have a ridiculously easy Thanksgiving appetizer.

Bonus: Garten’s tomatoes and burrata can be prepared ahead of time.

Want a Thanksgiving appetizer that requires no cooking? garden has it covered. She pairs crusty bread with a selection of cheeses and fresh fruit for a quick and easy appetizer.

your tips? “Walk into the best cheese shop in town and ask the person at the counter what cheeses are ready to serve,” she wrote That Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. Try them all. Then bring them home and let them come to room temperature before serving.

After all, “the simpler the design, the better the panel looks.” You don’t have to spend a lot of time assembling it. After all, the thrown together yet elegant look is what Garten specializes in.

Not technically a make-ahead Barefoot Contessa dish, Garten’s Fruit and Cheese Platter can certainly be arranged in advance. Just make sure to add bread or crackers just before serving so they don’t get soggy.

And if Garten’s no-cook appetizers are really appealing, she also has a dessert version.

For some, it may take longer to get out the food processor than it does to make Garten’s Dip from sun-dried tomatoes. She said it herself The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook it takes “virtually a minute to make.” And as far as easy Thanksgiving or holiday appetizers go, isn’t that a big draw?

If that’s enough, it was the most popular dip made at their Barefoot Contessa shop, according to Garten. And like other dishes on this list, the dip can be easily made ahead of time.

The cookbook author shared Modern home cooking that the speed with which she made them amazed even her longtime husband, Jeffrey Garten.

“Jeffrey and I went for drinks with some friends and he couldn’t believe how quickly I made these appetizers! You put the fig spread on toast, then add some creamy cheese, top with some microgreens and drizzle with syrupy balsamic vinegar,” she wrote.

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