Wednesday, January 18, 2023

3 Selma Blair Secrets From Her Mean Baby Memoir

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In May 2022, Selma Blair published her memoir Mean Baby: A reminder of growing up. In it she speaks openly about her alcohol addiction and the many tragic events in her life.

Blair’s first major role was in the hit film Cruel intentions in 1999. The film also helped launch the careers of Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe. Blair followed in another film with Witherspoon, Naturally blond.

She starred in several films and television series. In 2016, she portrayed Kris Jenner in FX’s American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpsonand in 2022 she appeared as a contestant Dancing with the stars.

In her memoir, Blair writes about her struggles and how she overcame them.

Blair writes mean baby that she was only seven years old when she got drunk for the first time. She was with her family at Passover and drank Manischewitz. “I was drunk that night. Very drunk. Eventually I was placed next to my sister Katie’s bed. In the morning I couldn’t remember how I got there,” she said.

She said she started “taking quick sips when my anxiety kicked in. Normally I hardly got tipsy. I became a seasoned alcoholic skilled at hiding my secret.”

Her addiction only got worse in her teens and 20s, and Blair revealed she was raped multiple times after binge drinking.

She writes in her memoirs: “I made myself small and quiet and waited for it to be over. I wish I could say what happened to me that night was an anomaly, but it wasn’t.” She continued, “I was raped multiple times because I was too drunk to say the words ‘please.’ to say. To stop.’ Only this one time was violent. I came out of every event calm and ashamed.”

Blair has been sober since 2016 and hopes her story will help others.

Blair says she has a habit of biting other celebrities when she’s feeling “overwhelmed” in “social situations.”

One of the first celebrities to bite her was Sienna Miller in 2006.

“I grabbed her arm and playfully bit into it like it was an apple,” she explained. “Even holding her forearm in my mouth, I was horrified at myself. “I was like, ‘What have I gotten myself into? Or you? This is horrible behavior.’”

the Naturally blond The actor was pleasantly surprised by Miller’s reaction as she “kind of screamed, ‘Grandpa!’ like I do when someone breaks a plate. “You bit me, didn’t you? You really did that'” but “she didn’t embarrass me. In my opinion, she will always be the beauty of the ball for that.”

She took a bite of it too family Guy Creator Seth McFarlane after meeting him at Scarlett Johansson’s home. She explained that she did it because she felt like she “didn’t bring anything to the party.”

“I bit his hand,” she said. “,Wow!’ he cried. ‘That really hurt.’ It wasn’t a disaster; I didn’t hurt any skin. But I soon hated myself.”

Then there was Kate Moss. Blair and Moss hung out in a London hotel suite taking Polaroids and she felt like biting the model’s finger. She did, and Moss laughed, so she did it again. “The second time she didn’t laugh and exclaim, ‘That really fucking hurts!'” Blair wrote.

Blair then realized that she hurt people when she bit them.

Blair announced in 2018 that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. the mean baby The author writes that she has had symptoms for years but dismissed them as anxiety.

“I was overcome with a sense of relief,” Blair said of her diagnosis. “Like how you feel when an ocean wave breaks right on shore before it submerges you,” she said. “Now I had a map to follow. I had information. a label. This time one that fits.”

She went public with her diagnosis against the advice of her doctors because she wanted to help others. The actor hopes to “remove the stigma associated with MS, raise awareness of people with disabilities, and help people coping with chronic illness.”

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