Monday, June 27, 2022

2022 BBMAs: Morgan Wallen Heats Up Over Prize Win: ‘Literally Everyone Else Deserves It’

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After a 15-month hiatus, Wallen returned to the stage, performing onstage to perform two songs and even winning Top Country Male Artist

Controversial country music singer Morgan Wallen has been on the wrong side of the headlines since he became embroiled in a racial slur scandal in early 2021. Despite causing a stir around the internet and being banned from multiple awards shows, Wallen has received a slew of awards in the last year.

After a 15-month hiatus, Wallen returned to the stage at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards to perform two songs and even won Top Country Male Artist. This, of course, didn’t sit well with many, as ardent music lovers slammed the show for giving the singer an award despite his n-word controversy. In his winning speech, Morgan Wallen thanked his family as well as his loyal fans, saying he has the “best damn fans”.

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“Isn’t Morgan Wallen overtly racist,” asks Twitter

Morgan Wallen got himself into trouble in January 2021 after a neighbor picked him up while returning to his Nashville home. In the viral video, the singer was heard saying to an acquaintance: “Take care of this p**** a ** [N-word]’ and ‘Take care of that motherfucker’.”

Social media slammed the singer and the awards show after his win, as one of the users said, “literally everyone else deserves it.” While another said, “why did morgan wallen just win a billboard choice award he’s not racist ?” One user wrote, “Tell me why Billboard has all these things highlighting these change activists but let Morgan Wallen step up tonight and win an award…the math ain’t math to me.”

The next asked, “Are you letting Mr. Racist win?” as another said, “I fast-forwarded Travis Scott’s performance because … that guy is damned. But when Morgan Wallen was named Top Country Male Artist, I turned it off completely. Enough is enough with these assholes.” And another concluded, “Isn’t Morgan Wallen overtly racist?”

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