Thursday, January 26, 2023

‘1000-pound best friends’: Is Tina putting her friendship with Meghan ahead of her marriage?

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Fans are wondering what’s going on in episode 4 of ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ season 2 as Meghan and her fiancé have been slammed by fans for staying in the hotel room with Tina’s family.

Now fire is raining down on Tina as fans take to social media to wonder if Tina is seriously prioritizing her friendship with Meghan over her marriage on the TLC show. There are questions as to why Tina is still coping with Meghan’s antics. Not only has Meghan wreaked havoc on Tina’s family, but she also appears to have peed in her shower. They tell her to ask Meghan to “move out” and “save her marriage” as it creates relationship issues between Tina and her husband. Read more for fan reactions.


£1000 Best Friends fans are slamming Meghan and her fiancé Jon for wanting to ‘take advantage’ of Tina

One Twitter user slammed Tina, writing: “Tina doesn’t want her best friend there. Tina loves to babysit, cuddle and feel needed. Another commented: “Tina already cut the frigging cord. Understand when you’re being taken advantage of.” Another suggested to Tina: “Tina you and your husband are having problems because he’s tired of loading up friends!!! Girl, you better put your family first or you’ll get a divorce!” One got straight to the point: “Tina, a lot of your marital issues are that your husband is tired of supporting a grown woman and her boyfriend.”

It seems that Season 2 of 1000-Lb Best Friends will have a lot more drama in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned to TLC for the show every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET. Fans can also tune in to Discovery+ to stream the show.

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