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1 Sex and the City character created specifically for the actor

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Sex and the City is undoubtedly one of the most iconic shows of the late ’90s and early ’90s. From the friendships to fashion to the nuanced examinations of romantic relationships, the show captured a zeitgeist that has helped keep it popular to this day. Often the focus is on the four main characters of the show. But as fans know, there was a lot more than just Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

In both the original show and its recent revival, And just like that… The characters’ romantic interests were important supporting characters who filled out the show’s storylines. A significant other was created specifically for the actor who played him. And he became a fan favorite through both the original show and its reboot.

When David Eigenberg first auditioned for Sex and the City, he didn’t get the part. In fact, he didn’t get it the second time either. The actor read for a few different roles in the first season but never quite landed them. However, Eigenberg kept getting invited back because executive producer Jenny Bicks saw something in him. Eventually, she decided to create a character specifically for Eigenberg to show his endearing charisma. That’s how Steve Brady was born.

Speaking of Eigenberg, BuzzFeed reports that Bicks said: “[David] I was embarrassed doing sex scenes – in our audition room there’s a bunch of women sitting in front of a guy who has to get them. David couldn’t because he’s shy, but we knew when he walked in we wanted him to play something.”

Bicks’ suspicion that Eigenberg could successfully own a role was correct. And Steve became a major fixture in the SATC Universe. As Miranda’s love interest and later baby daddy-turned-husband, Steve became a force for bringing much-needed fun and vulnerability into Miranda’s life. He was part of the show from season 2 onwards. He even returned for the revival and remained a favorite character throughout (barring a few fan critics).

Speaking of the reboot, fans are so attached to Steve that they weren’t too pleased when things went wrong in his storyline with Miranda. Steve Brady’s treatment in And just like that… prompted a wave of impassioned responses and defenses from Steve.

People were very attached to Miranda and Steve as a couple and wanted them to be successful. So for some it felt like a gut punch to see them struggle in the later years of their marriage. It’s a testament to Eigenberg’s acting ability that his character’s treatment drew backlash from fans.

Eigenberg himself would no doubt agree that Steve is the character he is best known for. But outside he succeeds SATC also. He continued to play Christopher Hermann Chicago fire since 2012 performances Chicago P.D and Chicago Med also.

Eigenberg has also made recurring or cameo appearances on other hit shows, including Justified, Law and Order: Special Victims Unitand NCIS. Now we know And just like that… Getting a second season, fans can also expect Steve to return to their screens, this time hopefully to give Miranda his take on how things went with her at the end of last season.

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