Thursday, January 20, 2022

No more iOS 14 updates Apple forces to upgrade to iOS 15

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When switching from iOS 14 to iOS 15 last year, Apple gave its customers the option of continuing to use the old operating system and still receiving security updates. Apparently that’s over now.

Apple is now making iOS 15 mandatory. So far, for the first time, users have had the choice of updating their iPhone to the latest version or sticking with the previous version. Apple continued to deliver security updates.

Until recently, an update to version 14.8.1 was available for iOS 14 users to download. That has now disappeared, as the magazine “9to5Mac” reports. Users now only have the option of updating to the new version 15.2.1. That in itself is not a problem. The version offers many new functions and works stably.

In previous years, cautious users fearing bugs and uncustomized apps couldn’t install the new version either. However, they no longer received security updates. This situation applies to all iOS 14 users again with immediate effect

Apple had already declared in the autumn that the parallel supply of updates for iOS 15 and iOS 14 would only apply for a transitional period. After all, the new option should only give customers more time – for example until the apps that are important for them have been adapted to iOS 15 or the worst errors have been corrected. A permanent stay on iOS 14 was never intended with this new option.

However, it was not clear how long Apple would maintain the double structures. The turnaround could also have something to do with the fact that apparently fewer users have switched to the current operating system than in previous years at this point in time: As Apple reports, only 63 percent of all Apple users are currently using iOS 15, and 30 percent are still using it iOS 14, seven percent older versions.

However, these numbers can be incorrect, since devices that can no longer update to iOS 14 or iOS 15 are also counted here. If you only look at the models from the past four years – here everyone has the opportunity to use the latest operating system – the number of non-updaters is still high: 26 percent still use iOS 14 and even two percent use older versions.

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