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From the gong to the smart camera These wireless doorbells can be installed safely and quickly

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The simple doorbell has had its day. Modern doorbells transmit the signal by radio and are therefore very easy to retrofit. Some models also notify you on your cell phone or have a camera. We show simple models with radio and a bestseller with a camera.

Whether a simple door chime or a comfortable one Intercom with camera and even night vision: you can upgrade the front door with a radio bell. You choose from different ring tones and connect the bell wirelessly. With top models with a camera, you can see from inside who is outside, or even contact visitors on the doorstep using your mobile phone while you are out and about. In this way you do not miss any visitors and at the same time you can increase security around the house and apartment. And that even without major modifications, as are necessary with regular security systems.

For everyone who is thinking of buying a radio bell, we will introduce various suitable models and explain the differences. A model from our comparison also has a camera. The selection of the products is made independently and is based solely on our research.

The Avantek radio bell has an impressive range of 400 meters. This ensures that the bell works perfectly, even if many walls in a house reduce the radio range. Two receivers for the socket make it possible for the bell to be used on different floors and thus heard.

With 52 melodies in five volumes with a maximum of 115 decibels, the setting options are very extensive. Practical: after a power failure, the receiver remembers the last ring tone set.

Great importance was also attached to functionality with the doorbell button. It is screwed or glued on and works with lithium batteries, which offer a service life of up to three years before they have to be changed. In addition, it can be attached outside without hesitation: the doorbell button is dust and water-proof in accordance with the IP55 standard and is ready for use from minus 20 to 60 degrees Celsius – cold winters or hot summers are therefore no problem for this radio bell.

The manufacturer Ring is a specialist in home security technology and has a whole range of smart doorbells on offer. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 wireless doorbell is the latest model with dual-band WiFi connection, HD camera with live function and infrared night vision, intercom function and motion detector. The viewing angle of the camera is 160 degrees horizontally and the surveillance area can be set individually.

After the doorbell has been connected to the WLAN network, the user is notified via the Ring app on their smartphone, tablet or computer as soon as the doorbell is pressed or the movement sensor on the doorbell button is triggered. A live video is then started via the Ring app and, thanks to the intercom function, the visitor can be spoken to directly.

The doorbell is suitable for temperatures from minus 20 to 48 degrees Celsius and is waterproof. The power supply for the bell button is either via the bell wire to the mains or via a replaceable lithium battery, which should have a running time of six to eight months. You can quickly recharge the battery using a micro USB cable and insert it into the doorbell. If you would like to be informed not only via the app, but also at home via an acoustic signal, you also need the interior bell Ringtone or one Echo point. This is how you hear the main doorbell over the smart loudspeaker.

At first glance, the smart radio bell from the Arlo brand is much cheaper. It is also connected to your smartphone or tablet so that you can find out whenever someone rings your doorbell anytime, anywhere. You can then use the mobile device to speak to the visitor or listen to recorded visitor messages later.

The radio bell is weatherproof, so you can use it outside without any problems. The setup is completely wireless and is therefore easy. However, you will need one to operate your Arlo Audio Doorbell Base stationwhich increases the cost. One too Doorbell you can also buy and adjust the volume.

The Arlo doorbell comes in handy with features like mute when you don’t want to be disturbed and the quick reply list you can choose from so you can react quickly when you can’t speak or in a hurry.

The radio bell from Tecknet is one of the cheapest models on the market, but still offers sufficient functions. The radio range between transmitter and receiver is up to 300 meters. The signal should also penetrate walls and other obstacles very well, so that the receiver can be plugged into the socket anywhere in the home.

52 different melodies in four different volume levels are available as ringtone. The doorbell button is battery-operated and can easily be stuck to the door frame with double-sided adhesive tape. If a visitor rings the bell, a blue LED circle flashes on the receiver, which is clearly visible even in low light.

The bell is waterproof and durable according to IP33. The manufacturer Tecknet underlines the long durability of its radio bell with an 18-month guarantee. When you buy this bell you get a transmitter and a receiver.

The basic radio bell set from Heidemann is a real bargain. However, the equipment is significantly less: the doorbell only has a range of 75 meters and only three melodies as ring tones to choose from.

The volume is 86 decibels (dBA). An optical call signal by means of a red LED light is also available. The transmitter is splash-proof according to IP44 and can be operated via a mains connection or with batteries.

With its rather short range and basic equipment, this doorbell is best suited as a supplementary second bell. It is also suitable for anyone who does not want to buy an expensive radio bell.

The radio bell D-3B from Avantek has two receivers and has a wide range of functions. It is also weatherproof and has a particularly long range, which is why it is our favorite among the models presented. If you want to buy a cheap radio bell, you can use the Tecknet doorbell fall back, which also has all the necessary functions. If you are looking for a smart solution with extensive functions and a camera, this is it Ring video doorbell 3 the top model.

When buying a wireless doorbell for your home, you should consider some factors in addition to appearance, material and workmanship:

Wireless bells have the advantage that no cable installation is necessary. Therefore, they can easily be retrofitted wherever cables are not available or difficult to lay. For example, you can attach a bell to the garden gate and take the wireless gong with you into the garden so as not to miss any visitors. Basement doors, upper floors, an extension, shop, warehouse or garage can easily be retrofitted with a radio doorbell.

Radio bells are also helpful for seniors. The flashing signal shows, even if there is loud TV or radio noises, that visitors are just around the corner. Alternatively, a simple radio model can also be used as a “child call” in the house: the receivers go into the children’s room, the transmitter into the kitchen. A ringing then replaces loud shouting through the house.

A radio bell consists of a transmitter, i.e. the bell button, and a receiver, the radio gong. The doorbell button is equipped with batteries so that it can be glued or screwed to the outside of the house or apartment door. The receiver can be placed anywhere in the house, apartment or garden.

Most models are equipped with batteries, some manufacturers also offer receivers with a power supply unit. As soon as the doorbell button is pressed, the doorbell receiver receives the signal by radio and emits the ring tone. Depending on the manufacturer, you can also combine several transmitters and receivers.

Simple radio doorbells usually have a range of around 100 meters and provide visual notification by flashing or lighting up. For large houses or for properties with a garden, there are radio bells with a range of up to 400 meters.

Doorbells with WLAN are usually equipped with an HD camera and an intercom system and can be controlled using apps on a smartphone. They announce visitors acoustically and visually and transmit live videos from the entrance area. Even if nobody is at home, you will be informed about visitors and there is the possibility of making contact via smartphone. Depending on the model, the doorbell can also be heard without a smartphone app.

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