Sunday, January 16, 2022

FOG RISK Drivers warned of mistakes that could see them fined £50 in foggy weather

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DRIVERS are warned not to use fog lights unless it’s really foggy – or risk a fine.

The lights come in handy when it comes to driving in dangerous conditions, but as obvious as it may seem, using them when it’s not necessary can get you in trouble.

Fog lights should only be turned on when visibility is less than 100 meters in front of your car.

In all other cases, the lights should be turned off, even if they are used to light up the streets in the dark

The main reason for this is that they can blind other motorists on the road and can also cover up your car’s brake lights.

If you are caught using fog lights when they are not needed you could risk a fine of up to £50.

Highway Code Rule 236 states: “You MUST NOT use fog lights or rear fog lights unless your vision is seriously reduced, as they can dazzle other road users and obscure your brake lights.

“You MUST turn them off when visibility improves.”

Drivers who have trouble seeing on the road after dark should have their headlights checked.

Fog lights should not be used as a substitute for street lighting.

They are also not to be used in wet weather conditions.

Only use your fog lights when absolutely necessary, that is, when visibility is less than 100 meters.

Be sure to assess the visibility of the fog.

Failure to turn on the fog lights and getting into an accident could void your insurance.

You should also drive more slowly through fog, as it’s harder to spot hazards or pedestrians.

Every driver will be in the same situation and will struggle a little in the difficult conditions, so don’t worry about stopping anyone.

You should also try not to get as close to the car in front of you as you normally would

Make sure you are three seconds apart instead of the recommended two second braking distance.

You should also keep your windows as clear as possible.

Fog can cause condensation in your car, so keep the heaters on to remove anything that might affect your driving.

Remember that driving with a fogged windscreen can result in a fine.

Here are six things you need to know about driving in snow and ice.

Do you know what ice fog is?

You can be fined if you flash your headlights at the wrong time.

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