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Buying advice Buying a DVD player – is it still worth it?

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Buying a DVD player is particularly worthwhile if you already have a large collection of films on DVD or if you want to buy inexpensive films. The devices and DVDs are cheap to have. We show five recommended models.

Enjoy films at any time: Many still have a large DVD collection or would like to purchase a cheap film archive with all their favorite films. DVDs are particularly practical because they can now be bought cheaply.

If you want to buy a new DVD player, you have the choice between different models – from the simple DVD player for the television to portable models with an integrated monitor for on the go. They are cheaper than Blu-Ray players and, in contrast to streaming services and the like, can also be played without the Internet. We show you four good DVD players and a player for DVDs, Blu-rays and video on demand. These are our recommendations.

Our price tip among DVD players comes from Xoro. The HSD 8470 model has all the necessary functions that a DVD player must have. It supports all conventional DVD formats, regardless of whether they are purchased DVDs or the self-burned version. The player also plays all standard video formats without any problems.

Users connect the device either to an audio/video cinch or the contemporary HDMI. The manufacturer has not installed a scart connection for old televisions. However, owners of a TV with a Scart connection can use one RCA to Scart Adapter to buy. control is via remote control.

In addition, the Xoro HSD masters so-called upscaling to Full HD. DVDs with a poorer resolution are extrapolated by the player. In general, however, users should not expect the same results as with Blu-Rays with native Full HD.

The brand device from Sony is a true all-rounder when it comes to DVD players. Not only the elegant and minimalist housing convinces. In addition to the conventional formats, the Sony player also plays your favorite DVDs in the highly compressed DivX format, for example. This model also extrapolates videos with a lower resolution, so that the picture should be significantly sharper, especially with modern, large flat-screen TVs.

The overall package is rounded off by the Sony DVP-SR760H with the available video connections. In addition to cinch slots, the player comes with HDMI and USB connections, a scart connection for older televisions or scart and USB, depending on the variant, and has a digital, coaxial audio output.

A special gimmick of the DVD player from Sony: With the CD ripper function, buyers can easily digitize their classics on CD via the device onto a USB stick.

You are particularly flexible with the Panasonic Blu-Ray player, which can play DVDs and Blu-Rays. The smart player also supports your home network, WiFi, apps and video on demand such as Netflix and Amazon Video. You can play back your own photos and films directly from your smartphone or tablet on the television in large format.

The flexible player from Panasonic convinces with a clear picture in full HD. On the right UHD television, it creates even more detailed 4K images. The model is also 3D-capable.

The Blu-Ray player from Panasonic has two USB ports, as well as an HDMI and a digital audio output. In the current Blu-Ray player test by Stiftung Warentest (issue 06/2021), the DMP-BDT385 from Panasonic received the overall grade “good (2.1)”.

Xoro’s portable DVD player comes with two nine-inch screens. That’s why it’s the clear recommendation for everyone who doesn’t want to miss out on film enjoyment on the go. Children in particular will appreciate this device on long car journeys.

If the battery life of around three hours is not enough, the device can be easily charged using the supplied cable for the car connection or used directly via the power cable.

Buyers can also use the player at home: it is connected to the TV via the AV OUT/IN connection using a suitable cinch cable. The device does not have an HD-capable output such as HDMI. In addition to playing DVDs, the device also supports USB devices, MMC and SD cards.

If you are a casual user and own a notebook, you should consider an external DVD drive. You simply connect it to your notebook, which you in turn connect to the television – and you’re already enjoying your favorite films in large format.

The advantage of this solution: An external drive costs little to buy and plays all video formats through the connected computer. In addition, it hardly takes up any additional space on the shelf.

Hitachi-LG external drive can be used by Windows, macOS and Linux users. It is simply connected with the appropriate USB plug and is ready to go. In addition to playing videos and the like, you can also burn content onto blank CDs or DVDs with the LG drive.

Our conclusion

Uncomplicated and inexpensive: With DVD players, you can continue to watch your favorite films on DVD. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and are looking for a model for playing classic DVDs, you’ll find ours Value for money from Sony a good choice. It’s for on the go portable DVD players with monitors particularly practical. If playing it on a laptop is enough for you, we recommend that external DVD drive from Hitachi LG.

Is a DVD player still worth it today?

Once DVD players replaced video recorders, today films are usually streamed directly via the Internet using video-on-demand services. If there is no internet or you still have an old DVD collection, it is still worth buying a DVD player. If you don’t have a film collection yet, you can now buy DVDs extremely cheaply. For current films, a streaming service like Amazon can be a more sensible alternative.

What to look for when buying a DVD player?

In addition to the available connections, you should always check the supported formats and compatible data carriers. Due to the large number of different formats and data carriers, this can quickly become overwhelming. In general, all modern DVD players support most DVD discs.

In addition to the available connections, you should always check the supported formats and compatible data carriers. Due to the large number of different formats and data carriers, this can quickly become overwhelming. In general, all modern DVD players support most DVD discs.

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