Sunday, January 16, 2022

BOX CLEVER You are using Sky WRONG – the real meanings of codes and symbols revealed

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DO YOU KNOW your UHD from your ad?

There are so many codes and symbols on your TV set top box that it can be difficult to keep up with.

Fortunately, they aren’t as confusing as you might think, as Sky explains.

In fact, they’re supposed to be helpful.

These are used to tell you things like accessibility and picture and sound features.

There are some that most people are pretty familiar with, such as HD, for high definition, and UHD, for ultra high resolution.

Other more common examples are S., for programs with subtitles and see if a program is broadcast in widescreen format.

One of the less obvious DISPLAY. This means an audio description that offers a special additional commentary for blind or visually impaired people, which describes what is going on in the program or in the film.

Similar, SL means sign language, which is a special version that uses an on-screen signer.

In the meantime, DS used when a show can deliver surround sound provided you have the correct TV and speaker system.

The rating codes on Sky are pretty much identical to the standard BBFC classification system.

These include U, PG, 12th, fifteen and 18th.

For those who don’t know yet U means any age can watch while PG (Parental Advice) says you should consider whether it is suitable for a young child.

12th, fifteen and 18th are suitable for the respective age and above.

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