Monday, January 17, 2022

The 5 best captain options for the Fantasy Premier League Double Gameweek 22

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A single Gameweek player and a differential owned by less than five percent of the managers are included in this week’s picks ahead of the season’s biggest double Gameweek yet

With Brentford, Brighton, Burnley, Chelsea, Leicester, Manchester United, Tottenham and Watford playing two games over the next seven days, this is the biggest double game week of the season to date. Exciting news, we’re sure of that.

The “fun” – if such a concept even exists – in the Fantasy Premier League has recently been torn a bit out of the game by short-term postponements, but if something is of interest to detached managers, it is the prospect of a double game week.

Obviously, whether all four of these additional games get underway is a whole different question given the recent last-minute cancellations. But while Covid remains widespread in the Premier League, cases have declined for the second straight week. Should this trend continue, more games should be happening when they should, which is good news for everyone, not least the FPL players who are fed up with it.

With Mo Salah currently representing Egypt at the Africa Cup of Nations, the captains debate will be wide open before week 22 and most managers will be drawn to those who may have two games. However, as mentioned in this week’s Tips article, when it comes to transfer strategies or captain decisions, you shouldn’t overlook individual Gameweek players with excellent games. Liverpool and West Ham, for example, both have excellent games this weekend, which especially increases the prospects for Diogo Jota and Jarrod Bowen.

Here are five of the best captaincy options this week, with a single Gameweek player and less than five percent manager owned differential.

Tottenham were outclassed in two games against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-finals and Antonio Conte looks pretty grumpy given the club’s current situation. With key players injured, Spurs don’t seem to be in their best shape ahead of Sunday’s North London derby against Arsenal and next week’s meeting with Leicester, but on the plus side, Harry Kane is prone to his game against both of them improve. The English skipper has scored 11 goals in 16 games against Arsenal and 17 in 16 against Leicester.

Price: £ 12.2 million Points: 53 Game week 22 game (s): Arsenal (h), Leicester (a)

Ideally, in a doubles week, your captain is someone who is determined to start both games in both games, which makes him a little less attractive than Kane, given Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent fitness issues. When asked if he was fit enough to play against Aston Villa, Ronaldo replied: “Cross your fingers. I’m confident. “If the 36-year-old is as healthy as he suggests, he might be the standout armband option for games against Aston Villa and Brentford.

Price: £ 12.5 million Points: 82 Game week 22 game (s): Aston Villa (a), Brentford (a)

The debate between Josh King and Emmanuel Dennis has recently divided the FPL community, with the former exhibiting the better underlying statistics while the latter exhibiting the more profitable returns. King’s expected goals (xG) (6.58) are significantly higher than Dennis’s 3.70, but when it comes to actual goals, the Nigerian leads the Norwegian by eight to five. King looks like a safer option this week, however, as Dennis was replaced at halftime by Spurs last time and is under examination by Watford’s medical team outside Newcastle.

Price: £ 5.8m Points: 63 Game week 22 game (s): Newcastle (a), Burnley (a)

It feels wrong to give the armband to a single Gameweek player, but with few outstanding options, FPL managers could do worse than pick Diogo Jota for Liverpool’s Brentford clash. After clearing three times in the first five league games, Brentford has only managed one of his last 15 since then, conceding four goals against Southampton on Tuesday night. Jota has the highest xG of any player in the league in home games this season and could be an explosive option for the armband.

Price: £ 8.3m Points: 101 Game week 22: Brentford (h)

Leandro Trossard, who owns less than two percent of the FPL executives at the time of writing, could be an excellent pick this week. Despite being listed as a midfielder in the FPL, Trossard has generally played as a center-forward this season, either alongside Neal Maupay or alone as the wrong number 9. The Belgian is usually most productive when playing at home. 10 of his 14 Premier League goals have been scored at Amex, where both games are played by Brighton.

Price: £ 6.1m Points: 70 Game week 22 game (s): Crystal Palace (h), Chelsea (h)

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