Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Proposed deal dumps Lakers Big Man for rights to Overseas Star

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While the Los Angeles Lakers continue to be involved in trading for players like Myles Turner and Jerami Grant, it will be difficult for them to make a deal. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook are essentially immobile, and these three occupy a significant portion of the salary cap. The Lakers would like to take a step to improve their playoff chances, but they may have to accept that their squad is for what it is and that they can only make minor changes.

One step that should be high on the list is getting out of DeAndre Jordan’s contract. He’s only making $ 2.6 million this season but has fallen out of rotation after 18 games. When he was playing, he was a great burden. The Lakers would be wise to swap him if possible. ESPN’s Bobby Marks came up with a trade proposal for the team sending Jordan to the Orlando Magic. It’s not the most exciting deal, but it would at least clear up a squad spot for Los Angeles.

“Sorry Lakers fans, it’s a small one. Jordan and $ 1 million to Orlando for the design rights to Janis Timma, ”wrote Marks.

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The Lakers need something in return for a trade, but want to keep a position open. Including Timma in a deal for Jordan makes sense. He was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies in 2013, but has still made the leap into the NBA. The four-time Latvian all-star has a good thing about going abroad and has been avoiding the NBA since he was drafted almost a decade ago.

The Magic are a long way from playoff competition and could give the Lakers a solid performance here for a little extra cash. It doesn’t really help or hurt Orlando going up against Jordan since they are the team in last place in the Eastern Conference.

As the Lakers look for squad spots, they need to keep a few potential buyout goals in mind. Before the season started, Kevin Love looked like a prime buyout candidate who could return to Los Angeles. The Cleveland Cavaliers are way better than anyone expected, however, and Love plays a key role when she comes off the bank. It would be inadvisable to leave him now and there is no evidence that he would be ready to accept a buyout at all.

Adding another wing defender could be a good decision. The Portland Trail Blazers are having a bad year that could open the door to Robert Covington to be bought out. He was named to the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team back in 2018 and can still play some defense. Goran Dragic is an interesting name too. The veteran point guard hasn’t played much for the Toronto Raptors this season due to sustaining an injury. The team may not need him on the roster as they are currently number seven in the Eastern Conference. He could deliver some offensive juice off the bench for the Lakers.

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