Sunday, January 16, 2022

Next round in "Case Djokovic" Tennis star not yet deported – hearing adjourned

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New round in the Djokovic case: After the cancellation of the tennis star’s visa, there was another hearing. There was no final verdict either.

At another hearing on the “Dokovic case” on Friday, government attorney Stephen Lloyd confirmed that the Serbian tennis star will not yet be deported.

However, Djokovic would have to report to the government for questioning on Saturday morning. He should be at the government office on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne city center at 8 a.m. (local time). After that he could be deported. However, his lawyers would have the opportunity to visit Djokovic.

Lloyd also made it clear that the 34-year-old would not be deported until there was a final decision.

The Djokovic side, on the other hand, not only wanted to object to the cancellation of the visa (Read the full justification here.), but made further allegations against the government.

Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke (Here’s everything you need to know about the man who wants to send Djokovic home.) justified Djokovic’s expulsion by saying that he did not want to promote an “anti-vaccination mood”. It was a mistake that he ignored the effect on that mood in the event of an expulsion.

Nick Wood, one of Djokovic’s lawyers, also requested that the hearing take place on Sunday because his client might have his first match at the Australian Open on Monday. “Every minute before the tournament starts on Monday is precious,” said Wood. Stephen Lloyd also thought this was realistic.

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