Sunday, January 16, 2022

Frustrated Steve Kerr offers a simple solution to warrior offensive struggles

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The Golden State Warriors’ offense has been going through a rough patch lately. In the first 20 games of the season, the team had the second-highest offensive rating in the league with 113.0. Since then, the Warriors rating has dropped to 110.6, which ranks 12th in the league.

Injuries have certainly played a role in the Warriors’ struggles lately. Klay Thompson has just returned and Draymond Green has played just seven seconds in his last six games. Superstar Steph Curry also recently missed a game and found himself in a rare shooting slump. He has scored just 33.6% from three goals in the last ten games. According to a story from NBC Sports Bay Area, head coach Steve Kerr offered why the team is struggling offensively.

“Well, we’re always going from good to great here,” Kerr said. “If you look at our possessions, we take a lot of hard shots. For most of the year, and I think even now, we’re #1 in the league in terms of field goal percentage expected. Whether you want to validate this statistic or not is entirely up to you. But I think it has value, in general it measures open shots.

“But in the last 10 games that number has gone down. As a result, our actual field goal percentage has gone down. If you look at our possessions, we did some really difficult shots.”

Yes, the Warriors have struggled on offense, but the team is still starting this season at 30-10. Despite the offensive struggles, the team’s defense is unaffected. According to Cleaning the Glass, the Warriors rank first in the league in points allowed per 100 possessions with 102.9 points. During the recent offensive dip, they still rank second at 104.4.

Given the warriors’ offensive history under Kerr, it’s fair to assume the slump will end at some point. A Sagittarius like Curry shoots himself out of his depth at some point. Eventually, with the return of Thompson, the team will merge and come on the same page. The return of the team’s best distributor in Green will certainly help the offensive. Once all of these things happen, the warriors should be able to get easier shots.

Starting Sunday, next week’s Warriors schedule will be much easier. The team plays with the Timberwolves on Sunday before returning home to face the Pistons on Tuesday, the Pacers on Thursday and the Rockets on Friday. The teams the Warriors play next week are 54 games under .500 overall into the season.

With a string of very winnable games, the Warriors should have some valuable opportunities to get healthy and find things out. Once Green returns to the lineup, the team should be able to coalesce. Once the team returns to the field in full health and with a few games under their belt, the offense should kick in. With the NBA season nearing halftime, the Warriors still have plenty of time to think. With the team’s experience, fans just need to be a little patient while they find out.

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