Sunday, January 16, 2022

Explosive Cowboys Star named the ideal trading target for jets

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There will be plenty of rumors about who the New York Jets could sign, trade, or even pick in the 2022 NFL draft.

It’s a first-world problem for the green-whites as they have ample cap space and a bevy of draft picks that put them in a position of power to control this offseason.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the Jets must be wise in how they use it.

One analyst thinks a massive trade could help push them over the edge.

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On I’m Just Saying with Brian Mazique, NFL analyst Ryan Sanudo presented a possible trading target for the Jets to pursue this offseason:

“I’ll be rolling with Amari Cooper from the Dallas Cowboys. A few weeks ago he was complaining about a lack of goals and if those issues persist and they lose in the playoffs and Cooper is pissed? You will have to make a difficult decision. Especially with Michael Gallup as a potential free agent, Cedrick Wilson has been looking good, and CeeDee Lamb will be your #1 wide receiver. With that in mind, Amari Cooper might be available. If you’re the Jets and you think Cooper is available, just try to nab him. He’s 27 years old and some people would complain about that, but that’s what the Jets need. A veteran who can come in and be that guy.”

There was a lot of friction between Cooper and the Cowboys this season.

Back in late December, the disgruntled receiver appeared on a local Dallas radio station to vent his frustration at his lack of goals and general lack of explosiveness on offense.

This offseason, Dallas has several outstanding free agents on offense in Dalton Schultz, Michael Gallup and Cedrick Wilson, all ready to hit the open market.

The Cowboys must decide who is worth bringing back and who they can afford to lose.

Cooper has three years left on his current contract until 2024, but the contract expired this offseason. Dallas could trade the talented wideout for a future asset and would only be penalized with a minimal cap ($6 million) per Spotrac.

He may be 27, will be 28 by the start of the 2022 season, but with age comes great experience. Cooper has a savvy know-how to create separation and has an amazing pair of hands.

The stats speak for themselves as to how dynamic he has been throughout his seven-year career:

He would instantly become the Jets roster’s top receiver and provide a dynamic and explosive weapon for that passing attack.

If the Jets are serious about acquiring a true No. 1 wide receiver this offseason, then the trade route is the optimal path.

Rarely do wide receivers get drafted and become instant superstars. While we’ve seen plenty lately with the likes of Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings and Ja’Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals, they’re exceptions rather than the rules.

There’s usually a steep learning curve and it takes a while for these young wideouts to pick things up at the pro level.

Free agency is always an option, but how often do superstar recipients make it to the open market? And if they somehow get there, you must be wondering why did they make it there? What did your team not like about you?

When trading, you do not have to deal with any of these problems, you can pluck a ripe fruit straight from the tree.

Why is it important for the Jets to have a character who can contribute immediately as a first option on offense? Zach Wilson.

The former No. 2 overall doesn’t have time to fool around, the clock is ticking and they need to provide him with toys to play with so he can benefit. Wilson can’t wait for a rookie to develop, he needs someone who can step in and make a difference from day one.

If we take Cooper as an example here, he would be the guy right away. Opposing defensive coordinators would have to make some business decisions about who, if anyone, to double-mark because of all the weapons the green-whites would have on offense.

Luckily, this offseason, the Jets are armed and dangerous, with assets on the wazoo, so they’re in a unique position to pull something off.

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He would instantly become the Jets roster’s top receiver and provide a dynamic and explosive weapon for that passing attack.

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