Sunday, January 16, 2022

Evans begins in an angry tirade about how long the opponent’s time-out lasted

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Dan Evans launched into an angry tirade after Aslan Karatsev left the court for a lengthy bathroom break during the deciding set of their semi-final at the Sydney Tennis Classic.

The British No.1, who eventually lost 6-3 6-7 6-3, was broken in the first game of the third set when Karatsev left the court.

The ATP policy states that players are allowed a maximum of three minutes for a bathroom break and an additional two minutes for changing their clothes.

But after Evans grew increasingly frustrated with the delay, he launched an angry tirade and began blaming the referee.

“It’s a bloody embarrassment for the sport, embarrassing. F*** him,” Evans said. “You didn’t follow the rules. You didn’t!”

Evans also addressed the ATP Tour supervisor on court, exclaiming, “You guys sit there every week and do nothing.

“Nobody on this tour plays tennis without running. You’re sitting there on your walkie-talkie, why have you got that? I want an answer. Do you have an answer? How long has he not been on the pitch? Tell me, I want to know.

“The problem with this tour is that you are all scared. you tell me a lie Just say it like it is. That’s damn embarrassing.

“Five minutes to change his shorts and t-shirt? Five minutes? Nice try.”

When play resumed, Evans managed to retire, although the joy was short-lived as Karatsev regained promotion and secured a spot in the finals, where he will now face Andy Murray.

Murray, who has fallen to 135 in the world rankings, is attempting to win his first ATP Tour title since the European Open in 2019.

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