Sunday, January 16, 2022

Australian Minister Alex Hawke – This man wants to send Djokovic home

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Australia canceled Novak Djokovic’s visa again. Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke was the driving force behind this. But who is the politician who took such strict action?

Australia has canceled tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa again. Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said on Friday that he was acting on “reasons of health and public order” (You can read the full justification here).

The authorities had already declared his visa invalid more than a week ago when the world number one, who was probably not vaccinated against Corona, entered the country (Read the whole chronology of the “Djokovic case” again here). Now Djokovic is finally threatening to miss the Australian Open, which begins on Monday.

The fate of the world number one has been in the hands of Australian Minister Hawke for a few days – at least as far as participation in the Australian Open is concerned.

Thanks to the so-called “Biosecurity Act”, Hawke, who has been Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship since the end of 2020, was able to decide whether the visa of the probably unvaccinated Serbian tennis professional should be revoked.

But who is the politician who sent home the number one in the tennis world? The 44-year-old belongs to the conservative centre-right Liberal Party and is not without controversy because of his own sometimes highly conservative views. The avowed Christian Hawke is considered a declared opponent of gay marriage.

When Parliament legalized same-sex marriages in 2017, he reportedly abstained. He later campaigned for the exclusion of homosexual and bisexual students from religious schools. He has also repeatedly emphasized that it is not the government’s job to combat climate change.

The politician, who was born in Wollongong on the east coast and studied government and public work in Sydney, also served in the military for several years. He has been married in his second marriage since 2013. He has four children and is considered a close confidant of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, with whom he reportedly attends the same Bible study group.

Hawke has been a member of the Australian Parliament since 2007. Before becoming Secretary of Immigration, he served as Secretary of International Development and the Pacific and Deputy Secretary of Defense.

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