Sunday, January 16, 2022

Atlanta Hawks wanted award-winning New York Knicks rookie in Cam Reddish trade: report

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The New York Knicks made a big move on Jan. 13, trading former lottery winner Kevin Knox and the first-round winner in exchange for the Atlanta Hawks’ Cam Reddish.

RJ Barrett’s former Duke teammate Reddish has all but fizzled out with the Hawks, but there’s still optimism in the league that he can still develop into a good player.

It helps that the Knicks gave up next to nothing to acquire him. Knox was a player not in the team’s future plans, so they called him on a first-round pick that didn’t even belong to them to begin with.

It looks like this on paper Hawks was fleeced, and reports are coming out that they originally reclaimed more from the Knicks, but New York hasn’t opted in.

SNY’s Ian Begley reports that the Hawks wanted Quentin Grimes, a promising rookie for the Knicks, in exchange, but that never materialized.

At just 21, Grimes has a ton of assets, and he’s shown plenty of flashes of them in his rookie season with the Knicks.

With just 24 games for New York, his playing time has been fairly sporadic, but that’s to be expected with a late first-round pick. Since the Hawks gave up one of their former first-round players, they likely wanted to get a valuable piece back, but had to settle for Knox instead.

Begley reports that some decision makers within the Knicks were opposed to letting Grimes go, so they managed to hold on to him. With Derrick Rose and Kemba Walker currently in the squad, Grimes has always found it difficult to get consistent minutes but expects to play a huge part in the team for years to come if they really work that hard fight to keep him .

The big problem the Knicks have going forward, and it’s actually a good problem, is how Reddish will fit into the lineup.

By only giving up Knox commercially, it didn’t free up minutes for Reddish to fill. When Walker and Rose return from injury, there will be plenty of players who need game time but don’t have nearly enough minutes for them.

The Knicks traded for Reddish because they undoubtedly want him to be part of the team’s future, so they’ll want to find a way for him to play. That would mean someone like Evan Fournier or RJ Barrett would have to play fewer minutes. It’s definitely a tough decision given Barrett’s on fire and Fournier just signed a massive deal in the offseason.

If the point guards recover, it could be Alec Burks who finds himself an outsider. It will definitely be interesting to see what coach Tom Thibodeau decides to do as it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a way to please everyone in this scenario.

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