Sunday, January 16, 2022

Undercover cops arrest deadly drug lord pensioners nicknamed ‘narco grandparents’

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Elderly drug lords nicknamed the Narco-grandparents were caught after an undercover agent secretly taped one of them selling a drug known as basuko and marijuana in Colombia

Colombian authorities have successfully dismantled the pensioners’ drug lords known as “narco-grandparents.”

The aging drug lords may have seemed harmless old beasts to strangers in passing, but in reality they are massive criminals dealing in narcotics.

The organized crime gang was reportedly thrown into turmoil when an undercover agent secretly taped him selling marijuana and the drug known as basuko.

One of the gang bosses has been identified as the alias “Chuki,” who delivered doses of cocaine door-to-door and was the mastermind behind the group’s abilities to shrug off authorities.

The 77-year-old gang boss recruited three other people and assigned them areas to sell drugs, reports Borderland Beat.

Reporting the details of the crime, journalist Diana Rincón said: “The narco grandparents not only sold drugs, according to police, but also murdered their rivals to take over the business.

“This is how the authorities in their Operation Pandora located and attacked the gang’s hideout.

“In the arrests, the narco-grandparents were stopped. And more than a thousand cans of drugs were confiscated. Which they could easily distribute under the guise of their harmless appearance.”

But the gang not only sold drugs, they also murdered their rivals to take over the business, police said.

Colonel Livio Castillo said: “Alias ​​Chuki was a 77-year-old person. He was one of the leaders of this criminal structure.

“And he devoted himself to the commercialization of narcotics.

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“Also, it was only logical that he would lure other peers in order to evade or evade the authorities.

“Thanks to citizen complaints and tips, this investigation lasted 13 months collecting data and physical evidence identifying these criminal actors.

“They were charged with several criminal offenses. Arrest warrants were also issued.”

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