Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The world’s “largest” cast-iron skillet travels the Tennessee Highway

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The Lodge Cast Iron Store in South Pittsburg, the future home of the Lodge Cast Iron Museum, had created the gigantic frying pan, measuring about 18 feet from handle to handle, to serve as the center of gravity for the attraction.

Jan 14 (News) – Drivers on a Tennessee highway encountered an unusually oversized load traveling down the road — a 14,360-pound cast-iron pan believed to be the largest in the world.

The store shared a video on Facebook showing the massive pan, which Lodge Cast Iron calls the world’s largest cast-iron pan, being transported in the back of a pickup truck on Interstate 59.

The Lodge Cast Iron Museum is under construction and is expected to open in late summer.

“The museum will provide visitors from across America with a destination to delve into the history and behind-the-scenes of the manufacture of some of the most popular cast iron products, cast iron cuisine, and the robust culture that surrounds it,” states the museum’s website.

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