Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sven Lehmann – Queer representative: A child should be allowed to have four parents

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The Green politician Sven Lehmann wants to strengthen the rights of same-sex marriages – for example in lesbian partnerships. He also believes that further reforms are possible.

The Federal Government’s first Queer Commissioner, Sven Lehmann (Greens), has spoken out in favor of strengthening rights in same-sex marriages. “If a child is born into a marriage with a father and mother, it automatically has two parents. If it is born into a marriage between two women, it only has one parent under the current legal situation. We want to change that,” Lehmann told Funke media group”.

In addition, Lehmann considers further modernization of family law possible. “In the future, more than two parents should be able to share custody of a child. A child should be allowed to have up to four custodians, because now every third child grows up in a family situation that does not correspond to a classic marriage.” It is possible to extend the so-called small custody to up to four parents.

The term “queer” comes from the English and describes all those sexual or gender identities that deviate from the heterosexual majority. This includes, for example, homo-, trans- or intersex people. The term thus has a much broader field of meaning than older terms such as “gay” or “lesbian”.

Lehmann has been a member of the Green Party in the Bundestag since 2017. Since the change of government, he has also been Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. From 2018 to 2021 he was spokesman for queer politics and social politics for the Greens parliamentary group.

Overall, Lehmann still sees a large number of discrimination and aggression towards homosexuals in Germany: “This is the reality in Germany in 2022: homophobia starts in the schoolyard and doesn’t stop in professional football.” Lehmann waits “every day” for an active German soccer player to confess to his homosexuality. However, this puts a lot of pressure on the player. Therefore, he would find it better if several professionals would confess at the same time.

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