Sunday, January 16, 2022

Russia arrests 14 suspects in REvil ransomware attacks

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Russia’s Federal Security Service, known as the FSB, said it had detained 14 members of the ransomware gang who were responding to information from the United States. The arrests were made in several locations in central Russia.

Jan 14 (News) – Russian intelligence arrested members of the so-called REvil ransomware group, which “has ceased to exist,” the government said on Friday after dismantling it.

The agency said it launched its investigation based on US reports about the criminal organization’s leader and its malware attacks on foreign companies.

In addition to the arrests, the FSB said it had seized millions of dollars in cash, luxury cars, computers and crypto wallets.

The US State Department in July announced a $10 million reward for information identifying those responsible for cyberattacks on the government. Groups wanted by the US government included REvil, which made $11 million from JBS USA, a food processing company, after shutting down its meat processing plants in the United States and Australia.

NBC News quoted experts as saying Friday’s arrests may be an attempt to divert attention from growing tensions between Russia, Ukraine and the United States. Russia has around 100,000 troops stationed along its border with Ukraine.

US government officials warned Friday that Russia may be planning a false flag operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

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