Monday, January 17, 2022

Process in Berlin – man mutilates girlfriend – because she wanted to leave him

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Bound, gagged, mutilated with a knife: a man is said to have tried to destroy his former girlfriend’s attractiveness out of revenge. Now he’s on trial.

First brutal revenge, then flight to Iran, now trial in Berlin: More than nine years after an almost fatal attack on his girlfriend, the alleged perpetrator has been on trial in Berlin since Thursday.

The indictment is attempted murder on two counts, rape and aggravated assault. The 54-year-old’s defenders said at the beginning of the trial that their client would not comment at the moment. The Iraq-born man with Dutch nationality is alleged to have mistreated his former girlfriend in order to deprive her of her femininity. After the fact, he fled to Iran.

The defendant is said to have broken into the woman’s apartment in Berlin-Schöneberg in October 2012. He is said to have sexually abused her and severely injured her breasts, nose and genital area with a knife. Previously, he had locked her then ten-year-old daughter in another room.

According to the prosecution, the critically injured woman – an Iranian woman living in Berlin at the time – managed to reach a window with her last strength. A passerby heard her call for help and alerted the police.

Lawyer Roland Weber, who represents the woman as a joint plaintiff, said: “The injuries are unimaginably cruel.” Thanks to “outstanding medical help”, the woman is doing well today, given the circumstances. In fact, the defendant stated “that he had to do it because she wanted to break up with him”.

In Iran, the man was reportedly convicted of the allegations now negotiated, sat in prison until his release in May 2019 and then came to the Netherlands. He was arrested there in 2020 and extradited to Germany in July 2021.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) had previously dealt with the question of whether there was a case of the prohibition of double punishment. At least with regard to the extradition, the ECJ denied it, it said. The trial will continue on January 27th.

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