Monday, January 17, 2022

Princess Beatrice and Sarah Ferguson could be interviewed on the Andrew case

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Princess Beatrice and Sarah Ferguson could be questioned about sexual assault as part of the Prince Andrew’s case.

The Duke of York’s eldest daughter and ex-wife could be questioned on camera by Judge Lewis Kaplan after the Duke of York’s attempt to dismiss the case was denied Wednesday, which means he is in Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit in court stands.

The 61-year-old vehemently rejects Ms. Giuffre’s allegations that she was forced to have sex with him more than two decades ago.

His Legal Department has been asked to provide evidence to support his allegations that he took Princess Beatrice to a Pizza Express restaurant in Woking, Surrey the night Ms. Giuffre alleged he had sex with her.

Both Princess Beatrice and Sarah Ferguson could be interviewed that evening and the days that followed Just has called.

According to the newspaper, this could happen in June as the nation celebrates the Queen’s platinum anniversary.

David Boies, the attorney for Mrs. Giuffre, whose cross-examination of Ghislaine Maxwell played a significant role in the ensuing perjury indictment, will be able to question Prince Andrew about his talks with the Queen and the allegations against him.

New York District Judge Lewis Kaplan wants the testimony to be completed by July and the case to be ready by July 28, though he doesn’t expect it to be before September.

It is not yet clear whether the king will have to travel to the United States or testify in some other way, such as by video.

In his ruling on Wednesday, Judge Kaplan said the 2009 settlement could not protect Andrew from civil action.

He said the key phrase Andrew’s attorneys relied on – that “other potential defendants” would be covered by the settlement agreement – was “far from obvious for a number of reasons.”

“[Andrew] argues that he “could have been included as a“ potential defendant ”in the Florida case because Ms. Giuffre made a general reference to“ royalty ”in her Florida complaint, even though Prince Andrew was not named or even mentioned as a defendant “, Says Judge Kaplan in the decision.

The judge said there was “no basis” to include Andrew as a defendant in the 2009 case.

The decision was a severe blow to the Duke of York, an attorney for some of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims said Daily mirror “Nothing will be forbidden” when Andrew is deposed.

Spencer Kuvin claimed the Duke could ask questions about his sex life and intimate details about his body.

Meanwhile, Ms. Giuffre’s lawyer, David Boise, said last night that she was not interested in a “purely financial” settlement with the Duke and was seeking “justification”.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on “an ongoing legal matter”.

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